2024 IoT Breakthrough Innovation Award Recognizes Cota Real Wireless Power

The award, in the Smart City category, went to Ossia.

Hot on the hells of Ossia’s 7th win in the 2024 CES Innovation Award in the Mobile Devices, Accessories, and Apps category, Cota Real Wireless Power won the 2024 IoT Innovation of the Year Award in the Smart City category from IoT Breakthrough, a leading market intelligence organization.

2024 promises to continue Ossia’s winning streak, with transformative Real Wireless Power continuing to impress innovative industry leaders.

Ossia’s team has been hard at work developing, improving, and sharing the Ossia FastTrack Program, the Cota Power Hub, and Cota 5.8 GHz QRx, among other initiatives, with our licensing partners, and this award is well deserved recognition of their ongoing and dedicated efforts.

Only two companies received awards from IoT Breakthrough in the Smart City category, an achievement that underscores the importance of wireless power to the future improvement and implementation of IoT within smart city infrastructures.

Other categories that were recognized included IoT industry leadership, connected home, consumer IoT, enterprise IoT, IoT security, IoT analytics, IoT component, industrial IoT, M2M, IoT ecosystem, connected vehicles, and health and wellness. Cota offers a transformative impact in these areas as well.

Awards like these help not only encourage continued wireless power innovations, but also inspire current and future Ossia partners.

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