License Cota: The Future of Wireless Technologies & Products

Integrate Cota’s wireless power-over-air technology into your plans for product innovation and leadership

What Can Your Business Do with Cota?
You're Only Limited by Your Imagination

Not only can you use Cota to ensure your time-sensitive devices are always on and charged, but you can also eliminate design constraints of power cords, charging stations, plugs, and battery capacity. Innovate on product features, such as faster processors, brighter screens, better connectivity, and higher definition cameras. Or invent brand new technology never-before possible. The possibilities of leveraging real wireless power are limitless.

Cota Real Wireless Power is FCC Certified under Parts 18 and 15, and complies with the UK and European Union essential requirements, which means it is available to be licensed and sold in the US and with the CE mark in Europe and the UKCA mark in the UK.

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Smart homes, smart cities. With all the benefits of convenience, safety, flexibility, insight, and reducing our environmental footprint, how will we stay on top of the energy requirements of all of our IoT? Cota's real wireless power delivers continuous, safe energy without us having to think about it.



A battery that never loses power? That's how Cota can work for your devices, when the battery remains in the room with a Cota transmitter. Or you can embed a tiny Cota receiver into your battery space, without impacting design or shape. Tablets, toothbrushes, smoke detectors: always on, always there.



With the Cota transmitter built right into your vehicles, every time your consumers drive or ride, their Cota-empowered devices -- from smartphones to wearables to batteries -- will automatically charge. No cables. No converters. No USB plugs required. It's a new-car feature that will be the tipping point for purchase.



Built on patented technology, Cota wireless power not only keeps smartphones continuously charged without wires or plugs, but it also allows your designers more freedom and space to innovate and optimize consumer-friendly features.

Will Cota Work for Your Business?



No more designing around charging ports, cables, converters, or batteries. No more consumer frustration -- and lost data --when wearables run out of energy on the go. That's what Cota's real wireless power can do for your wearable technology.



RF scanners. Assembly lines. Cota automatically and wirelessly powers your scanners and boosts the efficiency of your manufacturing plants. No more working or designing around wires, cables, conduit, or outlets. Cota delivers wireless power safely and continuously, even in highly volatile environments.



Imagine converting your entire store to digital price tags, without wires or batteries, which allows you to remotely add promotions in an instant. Mobile checkout stations with always-charged devices, accurate pricing, and data can also help you closely manage and turn inventory.



You rely on your medical and healthcare communication devices in often life-or-death situations. Cota ensures that they are always on and you are always connected -- without concern for battery life or charging stations.

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Ossia is a technology development company. Ossia does not manufacture any products that can be directly sold, or resold through distributors. We work with customers and partners to license the Cota technology to build wireless powered products that will then be sold in the market through the licensing partner, not through Ossia directly. If you are a manufacture, brand, OEM or maker of products that you would like to integrate wireless power into, please Contact Us!