ARCHOS and Ossia Partner to Bring Innovative Wirelessly Powered Consumer IoT Products to Market

On the heels of the EU and UK’s recent approvals of wireless power delivery over the air and at any distance, ARCHOS, a pioneer in consumer electronics, commits to working with Ossia to integrate the Cota® Real Wireless Power System within consumer products by 2022

Paris, France, Redmond, Washington, November 16, 2021 -- /PRNewswire/ -- ARCHOS, the French manufacturer that designs and democratizes products and mobile solutions with high innovation value, announces its partnership with Ossia Inc, the company behind Cota® Real Wireless Power™, the patented technology that delivers power over-the-air, at a distance, and without the need for line-of-sight, to bring wirelessly powered products to consumers by 2022. 

Ossia is changing the world with wireless power by untethering devices from cords and reducing or eliminating batteries. Positioned as a global standard for wireless power at a distance, Ossia’s Cota technology will soon be in every home, office, car, store and place, offering never-before possible freedom of device placement, device innovation and the elimination of battery anxiety for personal devices. As the world turns to sustainable solutions for their electronic needs, Ossia’s wireless power system offers a reduction in the carbon footprint currently being proliferated by an influx of devices needing expensive wiring and large, costly batteries.

ARCHOS, which has been dedicated to innovating and revolutionize the portable consumer electronics market for years, will be offering products used every day, at home or in mobility, for which permanent charge is a must. The following solutions1 for initial wireless power deployment are targeted:

Indoor wireless camera

For security or peace of mind purposes, consumers will be able to discreetly place this camera anywhere in the home, without cable to install and without the worry of keeping it charged.


 Air quality & temperature station

Consumers will benefit from a device allowing them to know the Air Quality and temperature in any room. It will remain charged at all times, no matter if it is moved from one room to another or where the station is in the home.


Smart Tracker


Easily clipped on any pet’s necklace or in any bag, this tracker will automatically be located and wirelessly charged enough to get a few days of autonomy.


Smart Health watch

Battery autonomy quickly becoming the #1 priority for users, this smart watch, equipped with GPS, pedometer, ECG, Blood pressure, sleep quality, SOS, etc., will integrate power over the air and will never need to charge via a cable.


Each product will be Cota-enabled to receive power over the air at a distance, without the need for user intervention, wires, batteries, or charging pads. The Cota system was selected by ARCHOS because of its unique ability to automatically track a device to send and receive information without the use of complex algorithms or the need to shut down when the path of delivery is interrupted, and for its ability to send RF-based power while avoiding people and pets.

ARCHOS and Ossia plan to showcase the Cota-enabled ARCHOS devices at CES 2022.

“This is the first time the general public will be able to experience the convenience and efficiency of wirelessly powered devices.” said Loic Poirier, CEO at ARCHOS. 

“After much research, we have determined that Ossia’s Cota is best in class, and the only technology that can work safely and effectively for advanced consumer IoT applications. This working partnership is a revolutionary step for consumer electronics, and the products we have planned for launch are only the beginning,” Loic Poirier added.

ARCHOS have begun creating plans to design, integrate, and build Cota-enabled consumer products.  Once completed, ARCHOS will begin commercial product development of Cota-enabled devices based with the 5.8 GHz Cota system for target release in 2022. Early showcases of this product development will be available at CES 2022 as well as a media event in Paris targeted for early 2022.

“As a leader of electronics innovation in the European market and beyond, ARCHOS is a natural working partner to bring Cota-enabled products to consumers,” said Doug Stovall, CEO of Ossia. “Product innovation, especially with smart home devices and other IoT, has been severely limited by the constraints of batteries, wired charging pads, and charging down time. Cota Real Wireless Power is the only way to not only decrease our environmental footprint, but to also enable the next wave of smart and connected consumer products, as well as commercial IoT with its billions of sensors,” added Mr. Stovall.


With headquarters in France, and offices in Europe and Asia, ARCHOS is a strong pan-European player in the consumer IoT space. 

Ossia, with headquarters in Washington state, US, is certified to license its flagship Cota Real Wireless Power technology in the US, UK, Europe, and now most recently in Australia and New Zealand.



ARCHOS, a pioneer in mobile solutions, has constantly revolutionized this market both in the consumer electronics sector and in B to B with its subsidiary Logic Instrument. The French brand was the first to offer Google Android tablets in 2009. Today, ARCHOS designs and democratizes products with high innovation value and in 2021 created a MedTech division, Medical Devices Venture, which will bring together several start-up. With a head office in France, offices in Europe and Asia, ARCHOS asserts itself as a key pan-European player, listed on the Euronext Growth Paris market, ISIN Code: FR0000182479.

About Ossia

Ossia Inc. is leading the world on what is possible with wireless power. Ossia's flagship Cota® technology redefines wireless power by safely delivering remote, targeted energy to devices at a distance. Ossia's Cota technology is a patented smart antenna technology that automatically keeps multiple devices charged without any user intervention and enables an efficient and truly wire-free, powered-up world that is always on and always connected. Ossia is headquartered in Redmond, Washington. Visit our website at


1 The visuals in the document are presented for illustrative purposes only and products under development may have a different design.

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