Cota is the patented technology to deliver wireless power, over the air, at any distance, to devices in motion, safely. But what about the company behind the technology?

Hatem Zeine, founder and president of Ossia, realized the feasibility of over-the-air power delivery, and, in 2008, started a company to follow up on his vision. The company, originally called Omnilectric, was the stealth breeding ground where Zeine and his team of talented engineers designed and prototyped the early Cota system.

Ossia was officially launched in 2013. Its name comes from the musical term “ossia”, which indicates an alternative passage in a score. What word could better describe not only the technology, but our vision, our mission, and our team? What we do isn’t a continuation or advancement of previous work in the industry, it’s a brand new scientific approach to what already exists. An “alternative passage” that will change and power the future.

While we envision a future without wires or “charging time”, our mission isn’t just about providing power, it’s also about sustainability. The environmental, societal, and economic impact of batteries could be offset significantly by Cota-enabled devices.

Today, Ossia is headquartered in Redmond, Washington. Our amazing team continues to innovate and improve our Cota technology, as evidenced by our 180+ US and international patents; our regulatory approval in the US, UK, and over 45 other countries; and our partnership with global development partners.

With Ossia and Cota, the future is always on, and sustainable.