Cota: Real Wireless Power

Long range wireless power delivered without cables, batteries, line-of-sight, or charging pads

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How Cota Works

Cota works very similarly to WiFi, except instead of sending data, we send power. The Cota Power Receiver, embedded into any device initiates the ‘conversation’ by sending a beacon signal (see diagram below) to find a Cota Power Transmitter. The transmitter then sends power back in the same exact paths. This ‘conversation’ between device and transmitter happens 100x/second, to send power safely to devices at a distance while in motion. All your Cota-enabled devices will receive power charging simultaneously.

Move the Person and Devices Around the Room!

Click on the person or any of the devices and move them around the room. Watch the Cota beacon signal bounce off of walls and objects while always avoiding the person. Power is delivered along this same path, while in motion and at a distance.

Cota Power!

License and Integrate Cota

Ossia is a technology licensing company. We do not sell products directly. OEMs/ODMs, Brands, Service Providers, and Manufacturers: License and build Cota technology into your devices or transmitters today!


The Cota Receiver

A tiny silicon chip built right into your product, the Cota receiver sends a beacon signal that uses walls and things, but not people or pets, to find a path to the Cota transmitter.


The Cota Transmitter

When the Cota transmitter, which can be any shape, spots the Cota receiver’s signal, sends power back through all of the same paths the receiver used. This multi-path functionality allows it to continuously and safely send power when needed.


Cota Cloud

Cota Cloud is cloud-based software that helps manage connected devices to give you total mobility, visibility, and flexibility when using the technology.

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