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Cota is the first and only wireless power technology certified to deliver the highest level of radio frequency (RF) power for any distance without limitations.

FCC Certified

FCC Certified Under Parts 15 and 18

Current certification enables Cota to be marketed and sold in the U.S. without any distance limitations. Ossia is the first company to ever receive this approval for unlimited distance in America. 

Authorization under Part 18 of the FCC rules means that Cota technology is allowed to use significant power—about 5W—to send power to devices at any distance.

This certification also demonstrates that Cota meets the standards set up by multiple international regulatory bodies for radio compatibility and human safety.

The Cota Technology is the only wireless power technology capable of operating with people in the environment. Meaning, Cota is the only technology with the ability to support use cases in, on or around humans.

CE UK Approved

CE and UK Mark Approved

Ossia has also met the standards to use the CE and UK (UK Conformity Assessed) marks on Cota-enabled products that send and receive power wirelessly, without any distance limitation, in the EU and UK. Cota technology is the very first RF-based non-line-of-sight, wireless power technology at-a-distance product to receive EU/UK Type Examination Certificates and that can bear both the CE and UK marks.

Safety Compliance

RF Safety Compliance

Cota Real Wireless Power delivers meaningful power to devices at a distance while meeting all of the FCC’s stringent Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) compliance requirements for RF safety. The Type of Examination Certificates received from an EU Notified Body and UK Conformity Assessment Body confirm the Cota system’s compliance with the RF safety standards applicable under the EU Radio Equipment Directive and the UK Radio Equipment Regulation.

Differentiators (2)


The Cota technology regulatory approvals have key differentiators to any other approvals currently on the market including:

  • Delivery of meaningful power without distance limitations
  • The Cota technology is designed to be inherently safe and avoids any potential obstructions, including humans and pets.
  • The Cota system that received FCC certification sends the highest level of RF power of any certified system. This means higher efficiency in power transfer and reliable safety.

Ossia partners

Ossia partners may now license Cota Real Wireless Power for commercial, industrial, and business uses in 60+ countries including North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific and select countries in Latin America.

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The US FCC and EU regulatory authorizations demonstrate the commercial appeal of the Cota wireless power technology for Ossia and its customers—it shows the core capabilities of Cota for wireless power delivery safely in the presence of people. These certifications open the door for future approvals on a range of products our customers want to bring to market.


With over 200 patents issued and allowed globally and 295 active utility patent assets, Ossia has been developing Cota Real Wireless Power for many years.

Ossia has garnered substantial investment and commercial traction from leading companies across several industries that have expressed interest in the application of Cota technology for their applications.

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