Your Next Car May Have Real Wireless Power Built Right In!

Ossia Joins Forces with Samvardhana Motherson Group, a Top Manufacturer of Automotive Components

Think you might be driving a new Audi, BMW, Honda, Infinity, Kia, Mercedes Benz, Porsche, Nissan, Toyota or other top vehicle brand in three years? It will likely have Cota Real Wireless Power built right into the vehicle! 

We are excited to announce that Ossia and one of the world’s top manufacturers of automotive components, Motherson, has started a joint venture to bring Ossia’s Cota Real Wireless Power technology to some of the most popular vehicles by 2021.

This move is part of Ossia’s mission to advance the wireless power ecosystem around the world.

Device Manufacturers: Get Ready to Go Wireless

With this new joint venture, a range of devices that are Cota-powered -- like wearables, key fobs, smartphones, and batteries -- will be able to automatically charge in a vehicle's cabin, without wires, plugs, or charging pads. Even devices that consumers cannot see but keep people comfortable and safe, like break sensors and tire pressure gauges, will stay powered up at a distance with Cota.

In just a couple years, you’ll also experience Cota beyond personal vehicles. This new joint venture will also focus on commercial and public transportation vehicles. With offices in the U.S., Germany, and India, the joint venture is launching globally.

 It’s important to plan ahead. Ossia encourages personal device manufacturers to license and integrate the tiny Cota chip technology into their upcoming products today.

The Perfect Pair for Wireless Power Advancement

Motherson Innovations, a subsidiary of SMRPBV, has long been recognized as an innovator in the automotive industry. Ossia has been honored with three consecutive CES innovation awards (2016-2018) for game-changing wireless power over distance technology. Together, Ossia and Motherson will enable the automotive industry to have access to the most advanced wireless power components available today.

For more detail on this joint venture, read the full press release, “Ossia Forms Joint Venture with Motherson Innovations to Bring Real Wireless Power ™ to the Automobile.” Or learn how licensing Cota works at Ossia.

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