Cota Forever Magnetic Charger Wins CES Innovation Award!

How will wireless magnetic chargers impact your business?

We are honored and thrilled to share that Ossia’s Cota Forever Magnetic Charger, a device that receives power over the air to charge a phone, has won a 2024 CES Innovation Award in the Mobile Devices, Accessories, and Apps category.

mag save chargers powering an iphone wirelessly

The award was announced in Las Vegas, Nevada, during the 2023 Consumer Electronics Show, and the whole team at Ossia and all of our partners were beyond excited for this validation of all their hard work and what this means for society and our environment.

But what impact will this have on your industry? On your business?

Mobile phones may be a global phenomenon, but access to power is far from equitable. The Cota Forever Magnetic Charger is a Qi2 and MagSafe-ready smart phone charger that charges phones without the need for plugging in.

By eliminating the cords, cables, and wires that current Qi and MagSafe chargers use, we are not only eliminating the need to mine for the copper required to make those wires, but also we’re bringing consistent, reliable power to the masses.

Currently, to leverage current charging technologies, mobile phone users must also have easy and dedicated access to outlets or other available USB ports. But one Cota Hub can deliver power to multiple Cota Forever Magnetic Chargers simultaneously, without relying on available outlets, battery packs, tablets, or laptops. The slim device magnetically attaches to the back of a Qi2 or MagSafe product, such as an iPhone, and receives power over the air and at a distance in any Cota-enabled space.

This new technology will provide more global businesses with reliable and consistent power to their employees, vendors, and customers, which will decrease delays in service, communication snafus, and expenses related to charging, logistics, and infrastructure that current charging methods demand. It also helps reduce an organization’s global footprint.

Why is Ossia’s wireless power winning over others?

Cota Real Wireless Power, Ossia’s patented wireless power transfer system, sends power over the air using radio frequencies (RF). Cota charges devices from a distance, without the need for line of sight, which is a huge differentiator from other technologies that are trying to break in to the space. It’s also regulatory approved by the FCC, CE, UK and more than 60 countries globally to send power without a distance limitation — the only technology to achieve this.

Lucky #7! This marks Ossia’s 7th win at CES

This award marks Ossia’s 7th win at CES: we received the "Best of Innovation" award in 2017 and the "Innovation Award" five times in 2016, 2018, 2019, 2022, and 2023. The latest award-winning device was built by Ossia’s licensing partner Toyoda Gosei using Ossia’s proprietary technology, Cota, and is scheduled to begin shipping to buyers in early 2024. We look forward to forging more lucky partnerships in 2024.

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