Next Generation Cota® Tile Delivers More Wireless Power More Efficiently


Unknown.pngThe Cota Tile: A Wireless Power Transmitter

Ossia’s Cota Tile is a wireless power transmitter disguised as a drop ceiling tile. In 2017, the technology won the CES Innovation Award for Best of Innovation. Now, the technology consumes less electricity and delivers more power to devices than ever before.

How the Cota Tile Delivers Wireless Power

The Cota Tile is a demonstration of Cota’s proven wireless power technology that can be licensed by manufacturers today. Cota Tile automatically powers devices:

  • Wirelessly by using radio frequency, much like WiFi 
  • Through the air over a distance of up to 30 feet with only one ceiling tile
  • Across an entire building, like a factory or hospital when used in tandem with other Cota Tiles. 
  • While in motion, without line of sight
  • Without plugs, wires, or charging pads

What’s more, Cota wireless power is inherently safe and does not interfere with other wireless technologies. Cota Tiles can be built right into a new building or retrofitted into an old one, and  are easily managed and secured over the Cota Cloud.

Next-Gen Cota Tile Optimizes Wireless Power Delivery

Based on the Ossia Reference Design Kit for Cota Chipset, and compared to the last Cota Tile specs, the Next-Gen Cota Tile: 

  • Provides about a 70% efficiency gain, due to reduced AC input power needs from 450W to 140W
  • Delivers 10% more power to receivers with the equivalent array of antennas
  • Is more compact and weighs 40% less
  • Decreases cost by 25%

Wireless Power Reference Design Kit for Cota® Chipset

Ossia’s commercially available chipset for real wireless power gives manufacturers everything they need to build their own Next-Gen Cota Tiles. The Cota Chipset features custom application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) rather than off-the-shelf chips. 

The technology is available for license from Ossia today.

The Cota Tile Offers Massive Gains in Wireless Power Efficiency, Performance, and Cost

One of Ossia’s promises to our partners and licensees is to always be improving on our wireless power technology and inventing new and better solutions. This is just one of the many ways Ossia is redefining wireless power with RF smart antenna technology.

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