Step by Step: How to Embrace Real Wireless Power Fast

Three ways to test wireless power over air in your own office and accelerate your R&D efforts.

Enterprise, industrial, manufacturing, supply chain, logistics, and more: across industries, businesses are discovering the efficiencies, cost-savings, data-insights, and innovations made possible with Cota Real Wireless Power.

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But it can seem daunting to take that first step toward adoption. Key stakeholders need convincing. Engineers and product developers want to see proof. And to invest the time and money, the technology needs to be sustainable and scalable. Cota is the first-of-its-kind wireless power that can be sent over a distance, without wires or batteries, and without line-of-sight. But how do you know if it will work for your unique applications? How long will it take to see it in action? Will you achieve buy-in after all the effort?

All very good questions, and best answered when you use it firsthand. And that can happen much sooner and easier than you think.

Ossia has developed three methods for you to experience wireless power delivery to your products and devices without the need for extensive engineering knowledge. Each method is designed to help you share, test, and prove wireless power efficiency for a wide variety of applications.

Here are the three easiest, fastest ways to try out Real Wireless Power today:

  1. Cota® Real Wireless Power Universal Adapter
  2. Cota® Real Wireless Power Quick Receiver
  3. Cota® Real Wireless Power Quick Receiver Plus

Let’s take a look at each one.

1. The Cota® Real Wireless Power Universal Adapter: the first-ever wireless-power-over-air adapter for USB devices

Do you develop products that currently have USB ports that might benefit from switching to wireless power over air? Test your theories without product modification with Ossia’s Universal Adapter. The Cota Universal Adapter:

  • Receives power over air, over a distance via the Cota Hub
  • Does not require a charging pad, cord, or plugging in to receive power
  • Does not require line of sight
  • Can be used interchangeably with most devices that have a USB port
  • Does not require technical expertise to set up

The Cota Universal Adapter is a functioning wireless power adapter designed to help you test, review, and prove wireless power use cases quickly and easily. It was designed for rapid testing of multiple use cases in a day, without technical expertise, expensive R&D, or complicated instructions. It can help you create a Proof of Concept (PoC) fast.

  • Witness meaningful power delivery, even with obstructions and/or movement
  • Test different devices easily, the adapter is conveniently lightweight and very small: 3 ¼ inches (97 mm) in length
  • Manage and review power delivery via Cota Cloud and gather data for your PoC

The Cota Universal Adapter simply plugs into most existing USB ports.

When you are ready to go beyond this external adapter and integrate a wireless power receiver right in your product, consider the second method, the Cota Quick Receiver.

2. Cota® Real Wireless Power Quick Receiver: the fastest, easiest way to add wireless power within your products

Your second option is to use a complete, end-to-end system, Cota Quick Receiver (QRx), which can be installed in your product in as little as a day. Cota QRx can help you:

  • Eliminate long and expensive R&D cycles
  • Speed to market before the competition
  • Create a proof of concept or modify current products with limited engineering or technical technical know-how
  • Convert most products to wireless power with no product case modification: QRx is 20x40mm.
  • Monitor your progress via Cota Cloud

The kit includes the Cota QRx and Cota Hub: everything you need to get started.

Whether you want to catch up to or stay ahead of your competitors, show stakeholders what can be achieved, test power efficiency, or create a bridge to optimization at scale, the Cota Quick Receiver was designed to get you up and running without lengthy research and development.

When you’re ready for even more flexibility, Cota Quick Receiver Plus can achieve everything that Cota QRx can, plus a few additional optimization capabilities.

3. Cota® Real Wireless Power Quick Receiver Plus: the most efficient way to optimize wireless power for your products and be ready to scale

Cota Quick Receiver Plus (QRx Plus) is a modular wireless power system that you can optimize.

Just like Cota QRx, QRx Plus is a complete, end-to-end system that can be installed in as little as a day. QRx Plus also gives you the capability of optimizing power for specific operational distance, placement, and fit.

Optimization equates to the ideal power delivery efficiency possible.

With Cota QRx Plus, you could accelerate your roadmap to wireless power by eliminating lengthy and expensive R&D cycles to achieve maximum efficiencies and speed to market before your competition … all with very little technical knowledge required.

Cota QRx Plus is a full-featured modular receiver with multiple physical interfaces that enable you to:

  • Expand the number of antenna ports for increased power efficiency or different coverage profiles
  • Increase harvesting and coverage pattern
  • Quickly transition from demo systems to commercializing
  • Easily manage multiple variables and product requirements for faster wireless power integration

What this means is that Cota QRx Plus, with its modular design, is ideal for modifying current and new products, easily optimizing for specific use cases, and being prepared to scale fast.

Approved to Deliver Power over Air Without a Distance Limitation

Not only does Ossia make it easy to test and prove out use cases with Cota on your own, but the company is the first RF-based, non-line-of-sight wireless power technology company to receive FCC and EU/UK type examination certificates and the first to be approved globally to

send power without a distance limitation. This means that you can use the technology in your products and:

  • Market and sell them in the US
  • Leverage the CE and UK marks
  • Gain meaningful power delivery — about 5W — the highest of any certified system

It’s also radio compatible, certified safe for use around humans and pets, and can be used without any distance limitations.

Proven Safe and Effective Wireless Power that You Can Install Today

Not only has Cota Real Wireless Power achieved FCC, CE, UK, and global regulatory approvals, but it’s also available for you to license today. Ossia’s patented smart antenna technology automatically keeps multiple devices and sensors charged without any user intervention and enables a truly wire-free, powered-up world.

Are you ready to witness wireless power firsthand in your own products? Have questions we can help answer? Request more information about the Cota Universal Adapter, Cota QRx, and Cota QRx Plus.