Ossia Supports Legislation to Accelerate Critical Chip Production

Ossia is proud to help support the advancement of electronic chip component production in the US.

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The semiconductor industry and companies that are in the business of making electronic devices agree: government incentives are needed to help the US expand its chip-making capabilities in production.

Thankfully, that’s exactly what’s happened:

President Biden signed into law a $52 billion bill for U.S. companies to produce semiconductors


Ossia has been supporting local government leadership in the state of Washington to help champion and pass this bipartisan bill. We are thrilled it has now been signed into law.

 “In addition to the semiconductor funding, the legislation includes money for research and workforce training and 5G wireless technology,” reports Bloomberg.[1]

 This bill will help US-based companies rely less on global chip supply, which is heavily influenced by global events, and work toward recovering our supply chain. Access to high-quality electrical components is crucial to the development of not only Cota: Real Wireless Power, but also all US-made electronics. Without parts, innovation and advancement slows to a crawl.

 We couldn’t stand by and let that happen!

Supporting Leaders Who Are Strengthening Our Supply Chain


To continue our support, we will welcome Congresswoman Suzan DelBene to the Ossia office in Washington State in mid- August. This meeting is intended to help further our partnership with not only DelBene, but also help determine how we can help other high-level leaders who are working to accelerate critical chip production in the US and decrease our reliance on foreign entities.

With more self-reliance comes more opportunities for US businesses and those countries that rely on us. We’ll not only have a stronger, more resilient supply chain, but we’ll also be able to continue our work to further the innovation and adoption of wireless power across multiple industries and applications.

Would you like to help us continue to support leaders that are dedicated to improving our supply chain? We’d love to hear from you.

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[1] https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2022-07-27/microchip-funding-bill-passes-senate-in-major-victory-for-biden