The Evolution of the Cota Technology Through Partnership

When Molex first considered working with Ossia to develop their Cota technology in 2014, I was asked to join the team visiting their development center in Seattle to evaluate the company’s vision for “long range” power transfer using RF energy. After spending a day with Hatem Zeine, Ossia Founder and CTO, and his team, I was impressed with their plans but a little skeptical they would be able to achieve their goals.

The equipment they showed us was the size of a small bedroom, cost hundreds of thousands of dollars, and could transmit less than 1 Watt over several meters. My feedback was that the Cota technology sounded very interesting, and if Hatem and the team achieved their goals, it could be a “game changing” capability.

After Molex proceeded to work with Ossia, our engineering teams collaborated to develop the critical antenna technology to reduce the system cost. Several years later, the system size and cost had come down significantly. The efficiency and the distance that power could be transmitted also increased significantly.

Joining the Ossia Imagine event in 2019, we witnessed the unveiling of the Cota Real Wireless Power technology. The transmitters now looked like Wi-Fi routers standing on a table, cost several hundred dollars, and transmitted power over 10 or more meters.

Several hundred customers and development partners attended the meeting where Ossia announced they had received FCC approval for their Cota technology. This was truly an impressive display of how good ideas, determination, and the right working relationships can result in spectacular achievements.

Molex is proud to collaborate with Ossia for the Cota Real Wireless Power technology.

Congratulations Ossia Team!