How Will Wireless Power Impact World Travel?

Predicting how wireless power will affect business and consumer life in the U.S. is the talk of the industry. Real Wireless Power, without cables, charging mats, or line-of-sight limitations, will free us from power cords, searching for available outlets, and charging cables. It will also create a boom of product innovation like we’ve never seen before.


But how will wireless power influence world travel?

Continuous Charging Everywhere

Travel Around the World


One reason wireless power is so attractive is that it allows us to be continually charged withoutany device downtime and without us having to think about it. Even if you are traveling to Japan, Germany, or another part of the world.

Wireless Power Today

Wireless power is already beginning to be available within buildings: at home, while shopping, at work. It is also being integrated within transportation: cars, trains, planes, busses. In both cases, the obvious benefit is that consumers’ and workers’ mobile devices can charge wherever they go, even during global travel.

Wireless Power Tomorrow

What’s not so obvious is that the infrastructure of these buildings and vehicles, with the integration of real wireless power, will be smarter, too, optimized by hundreds of wirelessly powered sensors that not only automatically charge, but can communicate with each other and the cloud.

That is just the beginning. Wireless power charging capabilities will inevitably expand out into the world, beyond the confines of walls or vehicles. What will that mean for world travel?

Wireless Power Increases Travel Safety

The world’s trains are becoming faster and faster … which also can mean more dangerous. As the speed increases, so does the need for proactive safety controls. Sensors such as optical sensors, fire sensors, and humidity sensors collect data constantly. The faster the train, the more data that needs to be collected and analyzed in a speedy manner. This requires continuous, reliable power.

Airplanes too, can switch from a time-based maintenance schedule to a real-time, condition-based maintenance. Sensors on planes are already detecting fatigue cracks long before they become a safety issue.

What traveler or transportation company doesn’t want to avoid potential life-or-death situations like mechanical defects, excessive vibrations, or temperature issues? Wireless power enables more proactive safety innovations without concern for energy needs or consumption.

The Convenience of Traveling Wirelessly

Safety isn’t the only travel benefit. Convenience also tops the list.

It is in everyone’s best interest for global companies to adopt standards for wireless power. Interoperability between receivers and transmitters, and among devices depends on it.

Consider today’s world of outlet plugs. Each country has a different electrical plug configuration, and travelers need to determine whether they need a power voltage converter or simply an adapter … for EACH of their devices. Even with the right connector, sometimes the outlets available simply don’t work with foreign devices.

A global standard for real wireless power will change that. People can travel the world without consideration for how or where they will charge their smartphones, wearables, tablets, and other mobile devices. Companies and governments can deliver wireless power in their train stations, airports, and hotels with confidence that foreign travelers will be able to access it, with permission, without problems.

The Future of Wireless Power and Global Travel

Imagine roads that charge electric vehicle sensors wirelessly as they drive.

Imagine airplanes that have wireless power backup systems.

Imagine stores with foreign currencies that have electronic prices that convert for you.

Imagine your home with continuously charged security cameras and smoke detectors that keep you connected while you’re away.

These dreams are closer than you may think. Ossia and the global wireless power ecosystem is helping make it happen.

Find out how to use Cota wireless power technology in your products or services, and let’s bring wireless power to the world, together.