Top 5 Ways Wireless Power Fuels Innovation

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Have your products joined the cordless revolution? If you think ‘cutting the cord’ just applied to the invention of the cordless phone and the cell phone, you’ve got to think much bigger. The next big step in the cord cutting was the bulky ethernet cord. WiFi quickly overtook the messy ethernet setups in offices and colleges around the world and we never looked back. Right now, life without a cable cord in favor of streaming services is the hottest thing. But the true cordless revolution sits in the hands of a new, limitless technology: wireless power.

Just as a baby begins its own life after it's cord is cut, cutting the charging cord is the gateway to modern life and a new era with endless possibilities. It won’t be hard to say goodbye to the charging cord as wireless transmission of electricity grows. It is one of the hottest technological developments that is changing product design, the way we connect to the world around us, and so much more.

Going Wireless and Plugless

From charging your smartphone without a cord or charging pad to providing entire cities with access to information technology services, wireless power, and infrastructure data, wireless transmission of electricity is changing the pace of our day-to-day life.

Cell phones, tablets, and other wireless devices are expected to exceed twenty-five billion by 2023. The world of wireless transmission of electricity is developing alongside the boom of smart tech to keep up with our increasing need for safe, wireless energy. Your dreams are the only limit to what can be done with wireless power technology.

1. No more cords, batteries, or outlets

Wearables, tablets, and smartphones are the most intuitive demonstrations of how wireless transmission of electricity benefits you and how the prospect of wireless power will innovate the modern world.

Problem: Every device needs an outlet

Cell phones, tablets, printers, smart watches, monitors, clocks…you name it and it needs a power cord and an outlet! It’s hard to imagine what life would be like if you could remove all the time spent either hunting for an outlet or waiting for a device to charge. And, that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Think of all the non-consumer devices in the world. People keep talking about IoT and the explosive growth of Industrial IoT, manufacturing automation and even Smart Cities. The one key component of all of this explosive growth is sensors. Yet, it would be virtually impossible to either maintain the batteries needed for each sensor, or run electrical wiring to each sensor. Which would conclude, wireless power is not just necessary, but critical to the world of IoT, IIoT, manufacturing, and sensors.

Solution: Wireless Innovation

Imagine rushing into your office a little late for a meeting, and as you open the door, your laptop, cell phone and tablet immediately begin charging letting you share your documents and take notes. There is no need to reroute to grab a charger or fumble around looking for an outlet. A life without wires can untether you and let you use your devices to their fullest potential.

Cota wireless is changing the wire to wireless dichotomy. Capitalizing on the possibilities of wireless power, Cota employs radio frequency to deliver wireless power to devices both still and in motion giving users the double benefit of an endless charging steam and access to newly designed, thin modern devices. For the consumer it keeps the new, lightweight smartphones continuously charged without wires or plugs. Wireless power frees product designers from the need to design around the bulky lithium ion battery. Without a battery, there is space to truly innovate and refine electronic design.

Speaking of needing refinement, do you have any battery draining apps? Well, with wireless power at your side, there is not need to worry about plugging into an outlet before streaming your favorite Netflix show or mapping your latest run. Just like how WiFi is cast across a network, Cota Wireless Power delivers power to each device within its range. Unlike the newest Apple Qi, ‘within range’ does not mean inches. Cota wireless delivers power over many meters.

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2. Upgrading Traditional Battery Powered Devices

It is easy to forget how many batteries are tucked inside devices in homes, schools, stores, and offices across the country. Don’t forget digital cameras, doorbells, cordless phones, and flashlights.

Problem: Batteries are wasteful, take up useful space, and always need replacing

Filled with toxic chemicals and consistently in need of replacement, the average battery has a short life span of use before it ends up in a dumpster. Battery users are left in a cycle of spend, use, replace. Spend, use, replace. If you have ever wondered why the smoke detector in your kitchen is twice the size of a hockey puck, consider how much room the 9V battery takes up.

Solution: Forever Power

Wireless power isn’t just for cellphones. With the help of Ossia’s Cota wireless power, a battery that never loses power can become a new reality. With the Forever Battery, Cota power can be received over air just like WiFi is transmitted across a house. Wireless power is a perfect match for long lasting battery that endlessly recharges and provides an eco-friendly solution to a toxic problem.

Consumers can say goodbye to the pile of toxic batteries in the drawer and companies can invest time in designing new batteries and new devices that leverage Cota wireless power. Ossia has reconceptualized wireless power with Cota technology and is ready and waiting to licence it to product designers who are ready to stake their claim as environmentally conscious, technological innovators.

3. Charging conveniently anywhere

Problem: Location requirements

Even with the newest wireless devices with coordinating charging pads, hunting for a charging station is a major inconvenience for any user that leaves their home. Packing a charging pad or hoping to find the right one in the midst of a day doesn’t sound like the wireless power of our dreams. Have you ever tried to charge a cell or laptop at an airport left and found yourself waiting in line at a tiny kiosk?

Solution: Adaptability with wireless power transmission

True wireless power opens up a whole new universe as form and function no longer constrain one another. Cota wireless power provides a discreet footprint that frees devices from the charging pad and kiosk and lets designers design for the product, not for the power adapter it has to contain. Not only is the device itself newly free, so are the spaces and places that integrate the transmitters.

Cota wireless transmitters are developed to provide maximum flexibility for installation. The Cota Tile has already broken ground with its ability to provide power to offices and homes. A transmitter can be built into the hood of a car to give every passenger’s device access to power or inside bookcases at universities ensuring students and researchers never lose access to the devices they depend on for research...the possibilities are virtually limitless thanks to Cota wireless.

4. Reduced risk in manufacturing

Problem: Industrial wear and tear

Vibration, fluctuation of environmental temperature, wires that are tripping hazards, and damage incurred from the ebb of flow of machines are some of the biggest problems of managing power inside an industrial shop. Machines, the power supply, and the loads of extension cords require ample upkeep and monitoring.

Solution: Design for Power and Communication

The demands of industrial and assembly line production are uniquely suited to the benefits of wireless transmitted electricity. Wireless power allows management to create a network of tools and machines that are remotely controlled. Designing tools and machines with wireless chips like Cota, reduces the risks of electrical cords strewn across a shop floor. It also creates a more effective, flexible, and productive production environment.

Industrial tools are a perfect example of the 24/7/365 work schedule and need access to power that matches those demands. Across industries, machines need to consistently function with little to no maintenance in order to meet production standards. Integrating stable, flexible wireless sensors is the game-changing innovation in industrial manufacturing that is able to establish a power network that lasts a decade with virtually no maintenance needs or costs. Not only is the wireless network providing energy, it also transmits data between devices. This wireless data on temperature, vibration, speed, and flow is transmitted to a central hub where it can be accessed and used to improve safety measures, reduce energy use, and make major production improvements.

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5. Superpowered health

Problem: Powering up for treatment

Medical devices are getting so much smaller, sleeker, and lighter the industry is said to be in an era of miniaturization. The miniatures can conform to the shape of the body and be implanted. Despite the non-traditional size, these tiny devices are able to perform essential tasks like administering drugs and monitoring blood glucose levels. Unfortunately, a person with an implanted device currently needs to have their skin punctured to be able to charge the device. An internal charging system opens a patient up for infection and requires close access to hospital facilities.

Solution: Wireless Charging Independence

With the ability to charge a device without piercing the skin, implanted medical technology is able to take on more complex treatments and tasks with less of an effect on the patients quality of life. Delivering power wirelessly through the skin, people will be able to remain active and won’t need to stay close to a stationary power source at all times.

Devices can be placed inside vital structures like the heart were they can operate without requiring an invasive surgical procedure to remain functional. Thoratec, a world leader in device-based mechanical circulatory support therapies, is developing an implanted heart pump that would be powered via wireless charging. This technological shift to wireless will improve the patient’s quality of life, allow the maximum advancement in current medical interventions, and give the patient and doctor a more seamless experience from implant, to charge, to treatment. Employing Cota wireless for a medical device would provide access to fast, safe unlimited charging.

Wireless power is on the rise! Cota wireless power is paving the way as it brings this adaptable, clean, powerful new technology to products across industries. Learn about integrating Cota wireless power into your products in this Guide to Wireless Power: The New Trend in Product Innovation.