Happy Thanksgiving From Ossia Wireless Power Collaboration

Thanksgiving ImageA little healthy competition is good for technology advancements. It’s what pushes us to continue to research and innovate to improve efficiencies, extend benefits, and create valuable features that other companies may not have.

Competition is good; however, when it comes to integrated technologies, like solar or wireless power, something else is equally important: collaboration.

 We are thankful that collaboration around the world has become so much easier in just the last 10 years. Communication is faster and easier. Talent can apply their skills where it matters most, not just locally. People are more willing to share information across borders, especially with the successes of open-source technologies.

 Now it’s time to collaborate to create global infrastructures that support alternative energy solutions and wireless power delivery systems. The ball is already rolling.

 Take the wireless power ecosystem as one example:

  • Ossia has created a safe wireless power over distance technology, Cota, and the global standards for organizations to license for small devices and sensors, so companies can adapt it in the most ideal ways possible.
  • Other wireless power technologies, like Qi or pad charging and the Cota Forever Battery or Forever Sleeve, are available to bridge the gap between early and widespread wireless power availability.
  • Manufacturers are leveraging wireless power like Cota for multiple industry applications, from retail and automotive to industrial and IoT, which eliminates the need for complex wiring schematics and battery management.
  • Smart cities and building designers are creating the plans to integrate wireless power for safety, security, convenience, and environmental needs.
  • Service providers who adopt wireless power early will have a competitive advantage to deliver wireless power to employees and consumers who need it most.

The sum of all these parts is much more powerful than any one element working alone. That’s why we continue to encourage all players in the wireless power space to connect, discuss dreams and challenges, and work together. The more we collaborate to advance the global wireless power infrastructure, the more opportunities we create for everyone.

What is your organization’s role in the future of wireless power? Let’s discuss the possibilities.