Cota® Wireless Power Is Now 50% More Powerful

What’s even better than Cota Wireless Power?  Cota delivered with 50% more power and all the advantages of a higher frequency!

We are excited to announce that the Cota firmware of the Cota 2.4 Ghz system has increased the power received at the device by the equivalent of a 50% increase in power with only one transmitter.

What’s more, the Cota Real Wireless Power system will soon be available at 5.8 GHz ISM, a higher frequency that allows for more targeted delivery of higher power.

How Will 50% More Wireless Power and a Higher Frequency Impact Your Business?

The Cota transmitter delivers real wireless power without plugs, wires, or charging pads. A single transmitter can power multiple devices in motion, without a line of sight, and at a distance.  With these latest technological advancements added to the mix, your company will also receive the following four benefits.

1. More Power in a Larger Space

By linking Cota transmitters with the increased power delivery potential, businesses can provide more power to more devices at a distance within an even larger space. The current Cota 2.4 GHz prototype in the form factor of a Cota Tile, can currently deliver wireless power over 10 meters or 30 feet with a single transmitter and 15 meters or 50 feet with only two. Now, as the transmitter can deliver 50% more power, the effectiveness is even better, even when farther away.

2. A Smaller Wireless Power Transmitter Size

You now have more flexibility when it comes to developing the form of your wireless power transmitters.

Manufacturers can shrink the size of the transmitter to deliver the equivalent power of the 2.4GHz Cota system or, should they need more power in the current, same-size Cota transmitter, the higher frequency makes that possible. Higher frequency increases the number of antennas possible, which increases the amount of power that can be delivered to a Cota-enabled receiver.

3. A More Focused Wireless Power Signal

Your wireless power energy delivery is now more efficient. 

Cota’s higher frequency system has a shorter wavelength. This enables it to increase the focus of the power signal, which increases the amount of power delivered to a Cota receiver, and ensures more energy is going exactly where it is needed.                                         

4. A Smaller Wireless Power Receiver Size

A smaller receiver means more applications become available to manufacturers, for example,

they can create receivers to fit currently available battery sizes even smaller than the AA battery.  This is also due to the shorter wavelength of the higher frequency signal.

 New Innovation Opportunities for Wireless Power Licensees

Ossia is dedicated to continue to develop new innovations such as increasing power and decreasing costs that open doors for manufacturers and the wireless power ecosystem at large. Consider things like decreasing the costs of electronic shelf labels and smartphone sleeves.

These advancements in wireless power technology is game-changing for many businesses. How are you planning to use wireless power at your business? Licensing Cota may help you get there faster.

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