Ossia Partners with Displaydata to Develop Cota® Real Wireless Power Electronic Shelf Labels

Today, Ossia and Displaydata announced a project to jointly develop electronic shelf labels that are wirelessly powered.  Ossia will bring its know-how, IP and technology of Cota Real Wireless Power and Displaydata will bring their leading ESL solutions together to create new innovation for retail environments.

Brick and mortar stores have been working to keep up with the growing online shopping marketplace. Huge retailers are seeking ways to differentiate, keep the in-store experience fresh, and offer competitive pricing. Shelf space is a premium and stores are looking for ways to offer dynamic pricing, engaging, personalized content and referral options. 

Displaydata’s ESL products not only offers best-in-class hardware with customized interfaces and eye-catching displays, but advanced enterprise software to manage information at the point of consumers’ purchasing decisions.

Wiring ESL’s within a retail environment can be costly to install and maintain.  Similarly, replacing hundreds of thousands of ESL batteries are also costly and require a staff member to be dedicated to the project on-going. Cota Real Wireless Power is here to solve for those challenges.

Vice President of Strategic Relations and Corporate Development, leading the Retail Strategy for Ossia, Preston Woo, wrote a blog post in March 2018 about how Cota integrates into ESL’s. You can read it here.

In the press release, Ossia was quoted with, “One of the biggest challenges for retailers is getting meaningful power to all of their various devices and sensors in a dynamic store environment,” says Preston Woo, Vice President of Corporate Development and Business Alliances at Ossia. “We are excited to partner with Displaydata because of their commitment to always bringing their customers the most advanced and best-performing solutions.”

This is the first entry point for Ossia’s Cota wireless power technology into the retail environment. ESL’s are an excellent first demonstration and use case for Cota. Rolling Cota out more broadly, there are many potential applications for Real Wireless Power within retail. See this blog post for more details.