Why Cota® Wireless Power is Inherently Safe

People have been trying to make wireless power delivery systems for over a hundred years. The failures have been so persistent and complete, that the RF engineering discipline has all but labeled it “impossible”. “The inverse square law will kill the signal and thus the range” is usually the retort to any claims of wireless power. Beamforming, resonance and coupling have been laid to rest as viable wireless power contenders. RF engineering was lost for answers on this topic.

The solution had to come from elsewhere, due to two things: believing something is impossible usually is a self-fulfilling prophecy, but mainly that the engineering tools used thus far have not explored physics principles that don't help/aid data communication use. Enter the Cota™ wireless power technology, leveraging principles from optics such as holography, electromagnetic time reversal and near field use of EM signals.

Described in another post, the Cota™ technology leverages these techniques to deliver power with high efficiency, finding means of dealing with the inverse square law and its range, and for the first time, viable wireless power is a reality (It was demonstrated at CES in Jan 2017 to the public). What was “impossible” is now “possible”, prompting the next inevitable question: “but is it safe?”.

Fortunately for everyone, Cota’s™ safety does not happen due to clever algorithmic techniques, where mere mortals try to make it safe (did anyone say software bug?); Cota’s™ safety is part and parcel of the physics of Cota’s™ ability to deliver power efficiently. Last we checked, physics suffers no software bugs.

Let’s attempt to describe how it works in ways we can relate to:

Radio waves used by Cota™ (2.4GHz frequency) almost see our world as if it is made of mirrors and glass; everything is either absorbing (like our bodies) or reflecting partially (like dry wall) or reflecting totally (like metal cabinets).

Now imagine we have a light projector as our transmitter, and that the device that will receive the power as a lit candle. However, instead of using light, we will use radio waves, that is, the candle will be emitting its light as radio waves.

If we could see the radio waves, we would see hundreds of images of the candle all around us, with images bouncing off the walls, ceiling, floor and furniture, much like repeated images between parallel mirrors in an elevator. The Cota Transmitter (light projector) would see all these candle images from the environment, but it will not see an image of the candle from any direction where a body blocks the path(s) to the projector.

Candels in mirrored room

Now the projector will send back a small signal to every image of the candle, this will lead all these signals to bounce around and reach the candle, as if retracing their steps from the projector to the candle, where they coalesce, adding up to deliver the power emitted.

It inherently avoids people in the room or any absorbing paths.


This is how Cota™ becomes a viable, efficient and safe wireless power technology, don't take our word for it, we submitted a working Cota™ system to multiple 3rd party testing facilities, the result? Cota™ can deliver various levels of power to devices without exceeding the published levels for safety exposure as Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. In other words, if you consider the signals from your phone and Wi-Fi use having acceptable safety, then Cota™ will fit right in your world.

Our goal is to deliver to the world a game changing wireless power technology that will revolutionize our devices and our life; creating an active world where everything is powered and empowered to improve our productivity, entertainment, education, safety and security.

Here’s to science!