Smart Technology Is Created by Some Smart Cookies at Ossia

We are feeling tremendous gratitude for the Ossia ecosystem!

Ossia® is challenging people's core assumptions about what is possible with wireless power … and that begins in-house with a team of more than 75 extremely dedicated and talented team members and dozens of loyal vendors and partners. As 2023 draws to a close, we felt compelled to send a well-earned shout-out of gratitude for the people that have made 2023 such a success for Ossia and the whole wireless power movement, and have set us up for continued achievements in 2024 and beyond.

A business man at Ossia with a bright idea

Wireless Power is only possible with the right people

The public may only know the names of our C-suite leaders, but Ossia also heavily relies on the skills and innovation of our team of engineers, who focus on wireless systems, integrated circuit designs, software, radio-frequency hardware, and more. We would be nothing without the lab techs, sales and product managers and teams, legal, licensing, marketers, communications experts, creative and connected recruiters, and tech innovators at Ossia. We appreciate you all!

So many achievements with Cota Real Wireless Power!

When the team is so hard at work, it’s easy for us insiders to lose track of all we have accomplished. Here is a highlight reel … give yourselves (and the team members close by) a big pat on the back!

This is a lot for any one company to accomplish … let alone all in one year and with a small team. And we’re not even covering the myriad of things that help us run smoothly, from traveling to various trade shows and demonstrating prototypes to participating in costume parties and building Lego together.

For our team, our partners, and our champions, we thank you for supporting Ossia and our mission to not only challenge people’s assumptions on what is possible with wireless power, but also show them what we can do together.

Are you fascinated by wireless power over air technology and want to be involved? We are hiring! We are also looking for our next awesome strategic partner. Get in touch.

Happy new year, all!