Cota Wireless Power Transmitters Go the Distance

We’ve all come to expect a strong Wi-Fi signal pretty much wherever we go. But it is a challenge to provide consistent Wi-Fi for employees and customers across large spaces, like airports, shopping malls, and hospitals. It requires a sophisticated setup to make it happen.

Cota Wireless Power works much like Wi-Fi (or Bluetooth), in that the wirelessly powered device needs to be “in range” of the transmitter, but that’s where the similarity ends. With Cota Wi-Fi, the infrastructure set-up is much more streamlined.  

 Linking Cota Transmitters for Distance

The Cota transmitter-to-receiver communication is not a one-to-one or even one-to-few operation, like many wireless power solutions out there. One Cota transmitter can charge dozens of electronic devices within a 30 foot radius.

If your building is bigger than that, which we assume it is, you don’t have to start all over and create a whole new network for each space. Instead, we’ve made it simple to link Cota transmitters. What’s more, you can space them out, like down a long hallway. With only two linked Cota transmitters, the power radius range grows to 50 feet. 

Determine how many Cota transmitters you need to link by considering these factors:

  • Size and shape of the building
  • How many devices will be linked at one time
  • How much power those devices will need simultaneously

The Cota Wireless Power system works without the need for line-of-sight, so you do NOT need to consider whether the receiving devices are moving, within an IoT appliance or a sensor, or behind an object.

Selecting the Shape of the Cota Transmitter

 Not only can you link many transmitters together under the same Cota Wireless Power system, all controlled in one place in the cloud, but you can also determine the shape of the transmitter to fit the space.

 In the long hallway or corridor example, you might choose to shape your Cota transmitters as ceiling tiles. In other environments, it might be built into wall paneling, room dividers, decorative elements, retail shelving, picture frames, or flower vases. Because the Cota technology is licensed, manufacturers can create the transmitter to your shape specifications.

There are virtually no limits; you can shape the transmitter into whatever works best within your environment, and link them for extended power reach, to deliver more power, or to provide power to more devices.

At CES 2017, Ossia was awarded a “Best of Innovation” title for Cota Tile.

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