Ossia Headlines WPTCE, Where Industry Leaders Advance Wireless Power

Last week, in San Diego, industry leaders and innovators gathered at the annual Wireless Power Technology Conference and Expo (WPTCE) to advance and promote the adoption of Wireless Power. At the show, companies demonstrated how different technologies can provide solutions for a variety of use-cases. But while each technology will be part of a long-term wireless power solution, nobody offers as much power and convenience as Cota® by Ossia.


Advancements in Wireless Power Transfer:

The landscape of wireless power transfer is rapidly evolving, offering convenience, efficiency, and freedom from wired charging methods. Induction charging, a pioneering technology, has revolutionized how we charge our smartphones and wearables. By utilizing electromagnetic fields, induction charging eliminates the need for cords and connectors, providing a significant milestone in the wireless charging ecosystem.

Electric vehicle (EV) charging is another area experiencing remarkable advancements. Inductive charging for EVs has ushered in a new era of sustainable mobility, enabling us to power our vehicles wirelessly. This innovation offers convenience and reduces our carbon footprint, contributing to a greener future.

Exploring New Frontiers:

Wireless power extends beyond personal devices and electric vehicles. Laser charging and energy harvesting are emerging frontiers that show great promise. Laser charging, with its infrared power technology, provides a small and easily deployable system that offers significant power at a distance.

Energy harvesting taps into ambient energy sources to power devices, creating a more interconnected and sustainable future.

Ossia's Revolutionary Cota Technology:

Among the groundbreaking technologies in wireless power, Ossia's Cota stands out as the best combination of power and convenience. Cota utilizes retro-directivity, a physics principle that allows for the natural and cost-effective delivery of wireless power. Imagine a world where your devices are automatically charged as you move through a room, a building, or even a city.

Cota offers maximum efficiency, optimizing the power transfer process to minimize energy loss and maximize charging speed. This efficiency benefits both the environment and end-users, reducing energy consumption. Ossia prioritizes security by incorporating intelligent power control mechanisms, ensuring power is delivered only to authorized devices, mitigating the risk of unauthorized access or interference.

The non-line-of-sight capability of Cota sets it apart from other wireless charging technologies. Unlike systems that require precise alignment and direct contact, Cota can deliver power to devices even when they are not in the line of sight of the charging source. This flexibility opens new possibilities for device design and charging infrastructure implementation.

Cota's simplified charging process, with its no computation approach, provides a seamless and user-friendly experience. Unlike other technologies that rely on complex algorithms and beam steering, Cota requires no additional computation to power both stationary and moving devices.

Ossia's Commitment to Innovation:

Ossia's strength lies in its dedicated team, continuously driving innovation and pushing the boundaries of wireless power transfer. Collaborating closely with customers and partners, Ossia delivers tailored solutions that transform industries and meet unique needs. The company's financial stability and significant commercial traction enable continued investment in technology development that has the potential to change the world.

WPTCE Highlights:

Hatem Zeine, Founder and President at Ossia, was the featured plenary speaker at the conference. With his decades of technical development experience and expertise, Hatem is recognized as an expert in wireless power. In addition, Ossia’s Chief Revenue Officer (CRO) Jen Grenz spoke at the Women in Wireless event. Her expertise and insights shed light on the advancements and opportunities in the wireless power transfer industry.

Together with other industry players, Ossia is driving the wireless power revolution, bringing us closer to a wirelessly powered future.