A Secret Advantage to Accelerating Wireless Power Products to Market

Ossia’s Preferred Partner Program is available to select businesses to facilitate getting to market faster and with more immediate impact.

Bringing a new product to market can be a challenge for any industry, but when that new product leverages a revolutionary and world-changing technology, like Ossia’s Cota Real Wireless Power, the path to market can seem like an extra-long one. That’s why Ossia is committed to helping pave the way for key partners to go to market with their Cota-enabled wireless products. 

The key benefits to becoming an Ossia Preferred Partner include: 

  • Cota® Wireless Power Evaluation System and Training
  • Early Insight and Access to Product Releases
  • A Distinct Marketing Advantage 

Each element is designed to give Preferred Partners an edge that makes transitioning to wireless power faster and easier, so that they experience the gains more quickly in their business. 

Wireless Power Evaluation and Training

With Ossia’s Preferred Partner Program, wireless power experts are available to help evaluate and test wireless power systems and mocking up prototypes for wireless power integration. This evaluation and training includes: 

  • 2.4GHz system including Tx, Rx, and accessories
  • Training for the Cota 2.4GHz system
  • Cota Real Wireless Power technology transfer assistance
  • Overview and training on the Cota Standard
  • Overview of Ossia’s IP portfolio for insights on opportunities
  • 5.8GHz Conversion Tool to calculate 2.4GHz to 5.8GHz power delivery
  • Early access of 5.8GHz RDK components
  • First edition release of completed 5.8GHz RDK
  • 60-day evaluation term 

This process is designed to get our Preferred Partners up and running with a live working product as soon as possible. After the initial launch, they’ll also receive a heads up when new Cota product releases are coming up. 

Early Insight to Product Releases

Preferred Partners will access Ossia product releases and tech advancements specific to Cota 5.8GHz before anyone else, in order to get a head start on wireless power product strategy and execution. 

Preferred Partners will also receive the Cota 5.8GHz Conversion Tool to calculate 2.4GHz to 5.8GHz power delivery and an early release of the Cota 5.8GHz RDK components (if agreed to in advance). 

These select businesses will even have access to industry leading engineering resources dedicated to testing and building Cota-enabled products. Building a product that fulfills business objectives is just the start. Ossia is also supporting these partners with marketing help.

A Distinct Marketing Advantage

Going it alone means starting the conversation from scratch; our Preferred Partner Program gives businesses that are ready to take the next step with their wirelessly powered product the support they need to succeed. 

By leveraging Ossia’s marketing engine and brand association, Ossia Preferred Partners will have many joint marketing opportunities, including using the Ossia and Cota brands and logos and inclusion in press releases. For example, one press release will announce their company as an Ossia Preferred Partner. 

Partners will also be able to use Ossia as a reference to their other partners and vendors, work with Ossia on a viable go-to-market strategy and take advantage of previously negotiated pricing discounts and royalty rates. 

Ossia is all about developing a healthy wireless power ecosystem, and that includes introducing partners to each other, especially when they have complementary business goals. 

This marketing advantage also includes, as appropriate, collaborations on marketing strategies, brand awareness and promotion, and credibility building.

Marketing Strategy

  • A joint social media strategy to promote the partnership and all subsequent customers jointly won and/or products developed
  • A joint content marketing strategy that promotes both brands to key media outlets

Marketing Execution

  • Thought leadership articles, localized for both the US and International markets, to establish brand recognition and credibility
  • Collaboration on cobranded collateral that serves both an as overview of the partnership as well as specifics that address key vertical markets
  • Joint media interviews with a spokesperson from Ossia and a spokesperson from partner company

Brand Awareness and Promotion

  • Joint webinar(s) to be hosted by Ossia with a partner representative to be published on both company's website and promoted across all channels
  • Application for joint speaking opportunities at selected events
  • Partner-authored blog post(s) to be hosted on Ossia’s widely read blog with post promotion on both Ossia and partner social media channels
  • Inclusion of the partnership in the monthly Ossia newsletter

Brand and Product Credibility

  • Application for joint awards across engineering, design, technology, and innovation categories
  • Partner listing on the Ossia website partner page
  • Partner to have branded presence in the annual Ossia CES booth and potentially other select events 

What’s more, Preferred Partners are automatically invited to our invite-only Annual Ossia Imagine event in the U.S. 

How can businesses become involved in the Preferred Partner Program? If you are interested in accelerating your Cota-enabled product to market, contact us to request more information on how it works, which companies qualify, and how to apply.