Ossia Works with Accessory Manufacturer XPNDBLS To Embed Cota Wireless Power Technology in Device Cases

BELLEVUE, Wash., Jan. 6, 2016 /PRNewswire/ -- Ossia, the company behind the Cota® remote wireless charging technology, announced today that XPNDBLS (pronounced "expandables"), an innovative accessory manufacturer, is integrating Cota wireless power technology into its modular mobile device cases. As a result of the companies' collaboration, consumers can retrofit existing devices, use the case to wirelessly charge new devices or store energy in an external battery for later use with charged devices.

A CES 2016 Innovation Awards Honoree in the "Tech for a Better World" product category, Cota technology is an evolutionary leap forward for true mobility. It safely delivers targeted energy to automatically recharge devices without requiring users to place devices on a charging pad or connect them via cords to a power source. The Cota transmitter is capable of powering smaller devices like smartphones, tablets, smart locks, remote controls and much more.

XPNDBLS features a modular platform that allows third-party hardware developers to integrate their unique technologies with mobile phones and tablets and take advantage of the built-in interface and scalability across multiple smart devices due to XPNDBLS patent-pending modular design. XPNDBLS is unique because, unlike traditional battery-charging cases that feature a battery that is locked into the external housing, the XPNDBLS mobile platform works with interchangeable electronics to enable use across a range of devices.

"With our modular design approach, we're an ideal partner for third-party developers like Ossia who want to expand the market for their innovative products," said Kero Basilious, founder of XPNDBLS.  "The synergy from our collaboration will enable creation of ground-breaking, future-proof products that will enhance the user experience."

Approximately the size of a small PC tower, Cota uses patented smart antenna technology to safely deliver targeted energy to devices up to 30 feet away, making sure the devices are always powered up and ready to use. The technology functions similarly the way WiFi transmitters deliver data to devices. Cota safely transmits energy around corners and over obstacles without requiring a direct line of sight.

"Working with XPNDBLS allows us to deliver the benefits of Cota receivers to market much more quickly," said Hatem Zeine, founder and CEO of Ossia and creator of Cota technology. "In addition to enabling us to bring wireless charging to market more quickly via new devices, our collaboration with XPNDBLS allows users to retrofit existing models for a range of different devices, making a Cota ecosystem both accessible and attainable in the short term."

Ossia is working with a number of investors and product developers and continues to explore commercial and consumer applications for its wireless charging technology. To learn more, please visit www.ossia.com.


XPNDBLS is a new tech start-up company based in Lake Forest, California. With a team of experienced engineers and veteran designers, XPNDBLS configurable platform is aimed to provide a complete ecosystem to produce hardware that will leverage modular base design the computing power and maximize the potential of smart phones and tablets. 

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