Ossia Receives 2024 Smart City Innovation of the Year Award and Wireless Technology Innovation Award from IoT Breakthrough

Ossia receives recognition from IoT Breakthrough as the Smart City Innovation of the Year and Wireless Technology Innovation Award for its Cota® Real Wireless Power™ technology


Redmond, Wash., January 12, 2024 - PRNewswire - Ossia Inc. today announced it has been named a winner in two categories from IoT Breakthrough, a leading market intelligence organization. Ossia has been recognized for its Cota® Real Wireless Power™ technology, the patented technology that delivers power over-the-air, at a distance, and without the need for line-of-sight.

In its eighth year of operation, the awards program recognizes the top companies, technologies, and products in the global IoT market. Ossia is one of four companies to receive an award in the Smart City category this year and an honor in the Connected Home category, as its wireless power technology enables continuous power at a distance, reducing reliance on wires, wired infrastructure and batteries.

“The Smart City category encompasses most, if not all, of the IoT categories, so we are incredibly proud to be recognized as an innovator in this area,” said Doug Stovall, CEO of Ossia. “Wireless power at a distance, and without the need for line of sight, creates more opportunities for game-changing innovation across all businesses working with IoT.”

By reducing reliance on wired-power, Cota Real Wireless Power makes city planning and maintenance much more efficient, cost effective, and reliable, and reduces a city’s reliance on precious resources, such as copper. It also enables smart city innovations and systems that are not feasible within the limits of current energy delivery methods.

“Our 2024 winners showcase remarkable dedication in shaping the future of Connected Homes & Devices, Enterprise & Industrial IoT, and beyond,” said Steve Johansson, Managing Director for IoT Breakthrough.

Ossia’s IoT Breakthrough awards quickly follow its 7th innovation award win at the 2024 Consumer Electronics Show, for its Cota Forever Magnetic Phone Charger, a Qi2 and MagSafe-ready phone charger. The Cota Forever Magnetic Phone Charger receives power over air without cords or charging pads.

Cota Real Wireless Power, which is globally regulatory approved to send power over air at any distance, is available now through Ossia and Ossia’s manufacturing partners. Companies interested in exploring the move to wireless charging are encouraged to contact Ossia about its FastTrack Evaluation Programs.

About Ossia

Ossia Inc. is leading the world on what is possible with wireless power. Ossia's flagship Cota® technology redefines wireless power by safely delivering remote, targeted energy to devices at a distance. Ossia's Cota technology is a patented smart antenna technology that automatically keeps multiple devices charged without any user intervention and enables an efficient and truly wire-free, powered-up world that is always on and always connected. Ossia is headquartered in Redmond, Washington. Visit our website at www.ossia.com.

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