Ossia Allowed Ninth Patent for Remote Wireless Charging Technology

BELLEVUE, Wash., November 17, 2016 — Ossia, the company behind the Cota™ remote wireless charging technology, announced today that it was allowed a ninth U.S. patent for a core technology that defines the state of the art in the remote wireless charging sector. The newly allowed patent, which covers pulsed power per need at the receiver(s), is the latest in a total of nine granted patent for wireless technologies designed to be licensed and currently enabling numerous remote wireless charging products.

A key player in the burgeoning remote wireless charger sector, Ossia has been filing patents on core technologies since 2007, and its innovations are referenced by top-tier OEMs, competitors and prestigious research universities alike. Ossia has had a profound effect on the remote wireless charging industry, developing novel technologies that have enabled great advances in wireless power, which was in its infancy when Ossia began making its contributions to the field.

Since Ossia’s innovations are considered the gold standard in the technical field, patent examiners and supervisory staff have frequently relied on the Ossia team to serve as subject matter experts and provide training on remote wireless charging technology. Hatem Zeine, founder and CTO of Ossia and creator of the Cota technology, spoke to a group of more than 400 patent examiners and supervisors at the United States Patent and Trademark office in July 2016, providing insights on the emerging technologies in the remote wireless charging space.

“Some companies file hundreds of patents, but we focus on quality, not quantity.  We also look obtain international coverage on family patents,” Zeine observed. “Our patents cover core technologies that are referenced by top global brands, competitors and the best research universities in the world because they are new, unique and singularly enabling for continuous safe remote wireless power, and we serve as a patent examiner resource because our patents are widely used as we define technical innovation in remote wireless charging.”

Ossia is well-positioned to continue its leadership in the remote wireless charging space with industry claiming patents covering the U.S., Europe, Japan, Canada, China, Taiwan, South Korea and Russia with core patent families covering multiple aspects of Cota. Ossia’s patent coverage includes system-level patents, radio frequency wireless power patents, transmitter patents, antenna patents, ASIC patents, client patents, use case applications, algorithms and other categories.

From technologies that allow OEMs to build-in remote wireless charging capabilities to innovations that reduce the number of required wireless power parts for smartphones, Ossia is leading the way in remote wireless charging. The company works with a range of strategic investors and product developers to explore commercial and consumer applications for its wireless charging technology. Learn more about Ossia at www.ossia.com.

About Ossia

Ossia is challenging people’s core assumptions about what is possible with wireless power. Ossia’s flagship product, Cota, redefines wireless power by safely delivering remote, targeted energy to devices at a distance. Cota, Ossia’s patented smart antenna technology, automatically keeps multiple devices charged without any user intervention, enabling an efficient and truly wire-free, powered-up world, that is always on and always connected. Ossia is Headquartered in Bellevue, Washington. Visit our website at www.ossia.com.

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