Wireless Power Ecosystem Leaders Gather to Accelerate the Movement

Wireless Power Is Like Friends Shaking Hands

 For real wireless power, that is, power delivered over air without cables, charging mats, or disposable batteries, you need both a transmitter and a receiver. The transmitter sends the power into a room or vehicle. A receiver, located in a mobile device, wearable, or IoT, sends out a signal to safely map a path to the transmitter, letting it know where and when to send power. That’s true wireless charging.

 It’s like two friends with different backgrounds and skills shaking hands. You can’t shake hands all by yourself.


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The First Ossia Imagine Event: Bringing Friends Together

 For wireless power to accelerate to market successfully, it needs a whole ecosystem of companies and people to collaborate and work together. That’s why Ossia is hosting its first ever Ossia Imagine event October 24-25, 2017, in Kirkland, Washington, to connect the people who are advancing wireless power all over the world.

The Woodmark

Building the Ecosystem

 At the two-day event, our founder and CTO, Hatem Zeine, will kick us off by bringing his vision of a world where wireless power is as ubiquitous as the wall outlet and plug are today.  John Sanford will then share thoughts on why we’re putting so much emphasis on building a wireless power ecosystem. To give you some ideas, the ecosystem involves:

  • The manufacturers of wireless power transmitters, in its various shapes, including ceiling tiles
  • The manufacturers of mobile, industry, medical devices and IoT
  • The transportation industry, including bringing wireless power to new automobiles
  • The makers of the components, the tiny microchip-sized receiving device that goes into the devices
  • The organizations that will host and deliver the wireless power, much like WiFi, at their coffee shops, retail spaces, airports, offices, and other public and private locations
  • Product designers and innovators who will imagine the next currently unimaginable way to leverage wireless power to improve on and build new products

Setting the Standard for Real Wireless Power

In order for the ecosystem to work seamlessly, we all need to work from the same set of standards. That’s why Ossia is releasing detailed usage guidelines for its flagship wireless power technology, Cota.

Cota is real wireless power that works similarly to WiFi and Bluetooth technology and can be integrated into devices that exist today. Even devices that are in motion.

At the event, we will discuss the current and future iterations of Cota, long-range wireless power implications, and how the ecosystem can benefit from this ground-breaking, working technology that is unlike any other.

We’ll round off the first day talks with dinner and a boat cruise to give everyone a chance to discuss what they heard and explore new ideas on wireless power together.


The Nitty Gritty of Implementing Wireless Power Today

Wireless power technology doesn’t stop with big dreams and a healthy imagination. On the second day of the Ossia Imagine event, we’ll dive into the details of how to put wireless power technology into action today.

We’ll discuss the Cota Chip, the tiny receiver that can easily fit into a current battery space or slipped into a new slimmer product design. We’ll also talk about how the automotive, IoT, and other industries can be leaders in advancing the adoption of wireless power globally. At this year’s event, we’ll focus specifically on Asia’s role in this world movement.


Get Involved with Ossia

We are thrilled to be hosting the first Ossia Imagine event. The invites have been sent, and RSVPs are streaming in. If you’d like to be a part of the conversation, please contact us.


Let’s imagine a world with real wireless power, everywhere!