Why the IoT needs wireless power

Originally posted by Ian Barker in BetaNews.com


With a predicted 200 billion connected devices in use by 2020, the Internet of Things is leading to a massive growth in the number of powered devices.


While this is a massive opportunity for manufacturers it's also a problem as all of those devices have to be kept powered up. Batteries are the current solution, but they're expensive, limit the design and life of a device, and contain nasty substances that are difficult to dispose of when they reach the end of their life.

Power technology company Ossia reckons that wireless power transmission is the answer and has produced an infographic to explain why. Wireless power would allow devices to be continuously charged without the need to remember to plug them in. That also means eliminating wear and failure of plug-in power connectors. Plus it means that devices for use outdoors could be completely sealed, giving them better protection against the elements and thus a longer life.

Ossia reckons power cords could be obsolete in the next 10 to 15 years. You can see their full vision in the infographic below.