Think WiFi Is Impressive? Well, Now True Wireless Charging Is On The Way

Originally posted by Annie Pilon on Small Business Trends.

Ever wish you could charge your phone without having to plug into an outlet? If so, you’re not alone. And a new solution aims to provide just that to consumers and businesses.

The company is called Ossia. And its solution works a lot like wifi. There’s a receiver that you can place in your home or office. And this receiver emits a signal that restores power to your device.

 This isn’t the first company that’s tried to provide a wireless charging solution. But with other solutions like Motherbox, those wanting to charge their devices need an attachment for their phones. By contrast, Ossia requires no extra equipment aside from the installed receiver in your office or home.

The Business Opportunities of True Wireless Charging

For businesses, this solution presents a couple of unique opportunities. First, you could make use of the device in an office setting, especially if your team is often mobile and doesn’t have the time to sit around waiting for their phones to charge at an outlet. And businesses like stores and cafes could also use this type of device to let customers charge their devices easily.

The company is currently working with the FCC to set criteria for wireless power standards. So if all goes well, this solution could become available late in 2018.