Super-Cool Ossia Cota Beams Battery Power Through the Air

Orginally posted by Tyler Lacoma in GadgetReview

The wireless charging market is a relatively new field, filled with hopes and dreams – and occasionally with awesome breakthroughs. Ossie’s Cota wireless charging system certain feels like one of these breakthroughs, especially if they can get a roster of partners willing to adopt the technology.

Whether it’s Nikolai Tesla or the latest sci-fi you’ve been reading, beaming power through the air has always been tantalizingly close while still too far away for our modern world. Cota, however, is a power charger that offers the real-world ability to power Cota-enabled devices within a 30-foot radius. Stay inside the circle, and your mobile device gets charged! You may want to also look at the best D batteries for your disposable battery needs.

Here’s how it works: Ossia’s phone charger sends out RF frequencies, which are very cheap to produce, in a circle. Meanwhile, the device uses electronic device “beacons” to identify things like smartphones and tablets. If one of these devices has a Cota receiver, it can pick up that RF transmission, which the receiver turns into a battery charge for that device as long as it remains in the circle. This cell phone accessory can apparently be placed just about anywhere as long as it has an outlet.

Ossia Cota
Cota charges mobile devices at a distance with new radio frequency innovation.

Of course, we don’t know all the details here, and Ossia is protective of its technology. We know that the 2.8-GHz frequency band is used by Cota with power around 100Hz, and that the tech is totally safe for people to be around. Perhaps more importantly for the average consumer, it’s also designed to not interfere with any other signals or wireless networks around it. Cota appears able to charge everything from iPhones to rechargeable AA batteries, so there are plenty of potential applications. Speaking of AA’s, learn about the best rechargeable aas.

“Potential” is an important word here, because while Ossia had an impressive CES demonstration, there’s no sign of when Cota technology will be hitting shelves. Currently, the company is working on contracts with smartphone case makers and electronics producers at the moment.

Next up, watch for field tests and beta rounds, hopefully coming to a city near you. We’re very excited to see what this tech can do in the real world, and just how awesome a wireless charging network is in practice. Until then, check out our latest cell phone reviews for the latest information!