Ossia’s Wireless Power Technology That can be Used Today

Originally posted by Hiren Samani on CMFE News. 

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Ossia Inc. has developed a wireless power technology that, according to the company, makes it very easy for the users to add wireless power and charging to their devices. The advanced technology is a way of delivering power to electronic gadgets in the same way that internet is delivered by the Wi-Fi technology. Demonstrations show that the AA battery that has been developed as one of the first real-world applications of the technology may never need to be replaced.

The Ossia Cota wireless charging technology includes a transmitter that broadcasts a concentrated and directed RF signal. A device in the room, with RF antennas fitted inside, absorbs the RF signal, which is then converted into usable power. If the device that needs to use this mechanism for charging does not have an inbuilt Cota RF antenna, which is the case with all gadgets on the market presently, a special case on the device is needed for it to be compatible with the wireless technology.

Looking at the pace at which a technology like induction charging has taken a technology giant like Apple to bring in its products, it can be safely said that it will be a long time before Ossia’s wireless technology is integrated in everyday-use devices by OEM manufacturers. But the Cota Forever Battery eases this challenge too. The battery features exactly the same size, power output, and form factor of a conventional AA battery and can be fitted inside any battery-powered device that runs on AA batteries, making the device compatible with the Cota wireless charging transmitter.