Ossia’s Power International Saturation Strategy

For the last nine years, Ossia has been challenging people’s assumptions about what is possible with power. In Cota™, we delivered the world’s first technology that can make wireless power as ubiquitous as Wi-Fi. And people are right to wonder: When are we going to introduce wireless power around the world? What is Ossia doing to make that future a reality?

Today, I am pleased to answer those questions with the announcement of our official expansion strategy: The Ossia Power Internationalization Steps.

The approach, namely Power Internationalization Saturation Strategy or “PISS” for short, are a downstream strategy to saturate foreign markets with wireless power. Whereas many strategies focus on revenue streams, PISS endeavor to form profit pools.

Each PISS will require intense dedication from Ossia and its partners. We’ll need to stand firm, aim true, and keep pushing until we have nothing left. Not a dribble of market share will be left for competitors after we’ve executed each PIS. The goal is to flush other wireless power solutions out of the market before they attempt to flood it. Or, more technically known as, taking the PISS out of the competition.

Each PISS rests on a Planning Principle, or “PP” for short. Forceful delivery of each PP ensures that the corresponding PISS fills its intended vertical or horizontal market with wireless power users. We present PISS and its associated PPs as follows: 

  1. Sean Bidet-Daly, our newest marketing whizz, will spearhead a team of international wireless power ambassadors. PP: Apply trickle-down “powernomics” to reach all levels of a given society.
  2. The ambassadors, called PISS boys and girls, have already marked their territories. They work in teams of five and report to Bidet-Daly. PP: Strong team culture, encapsulated in a team motto: Flow-Flow Power Rangers.
  3. Wherever PISS seem to be losing range and impact, we will shake up the strategy. PP: Shaking it up is the key minimizing adopter leakage.
  4. Establish a standard for Wireless Energy Transfer (WET) that will be deployed everywhere WiFi is deployed. PP: Just a think of how WET devices will transform the world with PISS!
  5. No strategy is complete without a Plan B. PP: In the unlikely event the PISS dries up, we’ll implement strategy #2: International Power Omnichannel Operational Plan.

On behalf of the whole Ossia team, I thank you for taking the time to examine our PISS. There will be a fountainhead of progress for real wireless power and an immediate relief for technologists who wonder where Ossia will aim next. A year from today, on April 1, 2018, we will announce whether or not PISS have hit its targets. Until then, PISS Outlines Fundamental Focus.

Happy April Fools!

All the best,