Ossia Innovates to Keep Better Track of Trailers


June 9, 2021

Ossia launches a new IoT system to keep track of trailers at large distribution centers. The goal is to increase safety and drive down costs.

Photo credit: littlewolf1989

Ossia and Sensata-Xirgo Technologies partner to create the Cota-powered Trailer Tracking Yard Management Solution, which is a tracking solution aimed to reduce the number of misplaced trailers at large distribution centers. Because of the sheer volume and impressive number of trailers moving around large distribution this can be an issue, which also creates a safety hazard. The new solution taps Ossia's over the air charging technology and Sensata-Xirgo Technologies' Internet of Things technology. 

Per Ossia:

  • Depending on the variant of GPS tracker selected, the battery can last for several weeks while stationary in the yard. Each tracker is equipped with an accelerometer to ‘wake’ the unit on motion. For trailers that are continually moving, the trackers can be set to ping up to every 30 minutes for ‘real-time’ accuracy.
  • In a pilot program at a busy distribution center serving a leading global retailer, Xirgo’s Cota-powered asset trackers and charging stations demonstrated the potential to save at least 1,400 hours per year in labor costs (determined per distribution center) by accurately locating trailers 100% of the time.