Ossia and Jabil Ink Collaboration Agreement

Today Ossia, maker of the revolutionary Cota™ wireless power technology, and Jabil Circuit, Inc. (NYSE: JBL), one of the world's leading design and manufacturing solution providers, announced a collaboration to commercialize wireless power. Ossia will leverage Jabil’s expertise in design, engineering, materials, manufacturing and supply chain optimization to bring Cota to market. The companies already have begun working on a wireless power implementation for a Fortune 100 client.

Jabil chose to collaborate with Ossia based on Cota’s unique differentiators. A patented technology, Cota delivers real wireless power without plugs, wires or charging pads. It can power multiple devices in motion, without a line of sight, at distances up to 30 feet. Cota is safe around people, pets and plants and does not interfere with other wireless technologies. The Cota power receivers are small enough to be embedded into smartphones, wearables, standard-size batteries and other aftermarket accessories.  

Through a collaborative development agreement, Ossia and Jabil will co-market Cota wireless power ecosystems to clients. Potential implementation environments range from cruise ships, hotels and convention centers to schools, hospitals and factories. Jabil’s comprehensive design and manufacturing services will enable the companies to conduct large-scale, customized implementations.

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