Marubun and US Ossia jointly develop "Cota Enabled IoT Sensor" that implements spatial transmission type wireless power transmission technology

Marubun and Ossia Inc. jointly develop a true Wireless IoT Sensor that implements the spatial transmission wireless power transmission technology Cota

Marubun Corporation (President: Toru Iino, Headquarters: Chuo-ku, Tokyo, Capital: 6,214.5 million yen, hereinafter Marubun), an electronics trading company, is a strategic partner of Ossia Inc. (hereinafter, Ossia). We have jointly developed with Ossia a true Wireless IoT Sensor (Cota Enabled IoT Sensor) that implements the spatial transmission type wireless power transmission technology Cota Real Wireless Power (TM) (Cota).

Cota can wirelessly transmit power to a remote location (~ 10m) and also has a wireless communication function. Therefore, it has a high affinity with IoT devices and can provide one-stop "communication," "power," and "control" required for wireless IoT.

The co-developed Cota Enabled IoT Sensor does not require wiring or battery replacement for power supply, has wireless communication functions, and is developed based on the Cota 2.4GHz system. The 5.7GHz system will follow this. Not only the temperature and humidity sensor installed as standard, but also various sensors such as illuminance and acceleration can be connected. In addition, wirelessly powered sensors can be managed remotely through the cloud-based Cota IoT Platform. This sensor is the first Cota-equipped device designed to be incorporated into a wide variety of IoT devices.

The Cota Enabled IoT Sensor is designed with the following concepts:

  • Cost effective (high cost performance)
  • Easy to use
  • Easy to integrate (easy to implement)
  • Easy to customize through Marubun

The Cota Enabled IoT Sensor simplifies development, prototyping, and verification for the introduction of Ossia's Cota technology, helping customers bring Cota-equipped products to market.

The Cota Enabled IoT Sensor will be released for a limited time from December 2021 and will be released to the general public after April 2022.

"Cota can be used in a variety of devices, and to date in the United States, it has been applied to products such as electronic shelf labels and trackers for commercial trucks. The development of this Cota IoT Sensor Receiver in partnership with Marubun can simplify trial production and development man-hours and provide a shortcut to early market introduction for more companies considering wireless power transfer systems," says Doug Stovall, CEO of Ossia.

Also, any new technology is often retrofitted as a bridge between the products currently on the market and the new products that incorporate the technology. However, retrofitting such as adapters and power sleeves is costly and cumbersome, and takes extra time to manufacture and distribute. The Cota IoT Sensor Receiver integrated with the sensor was also developed to overcome these barriers.

Marubun is the best company to develop Cota Enabled sensors with many years of history and experience in the electronics field and an established end-to-end development process. We look forward to working with Marubun for the next step in Cota.