CES 2018 Preview: Ossia Cota Is The Wireless Power We’ve Been Waiting For

Cota, By Ossia, Is What Wireless Power Really Looks Like

As phones, devices and the smart home continue to innovate, so does the world of power and charging. Most of America has cut the cord when it comes to television, and more and more technology is allowing us to cut the charging cord.

The industry standard at the moment, for smartphone and device wireless power is Qi. Qi is a step in the right direction. It’s the way that Apple watches, various smartphones and the latest iPhones recharge. You simply lay your device on the inductive charging unit and voila. The cord that often gets frayed and forgotten is no longer a necessity.

The problem with Qi is that your device is still required to be on the inductive charging unit. It cuts the cord, but doesn’t allow for mobility. Over the last five years there’s been a lot of talk about true wireless charging technology. The ability to walk in a room and your devices charge while you’re in the room. Wouldn’t it be nice to have true wireless charging in your office so that your phone stays charged throughout the day without the need for a cord or an inductive charging station.

“In my mind, lining it up exactly to charge doesn’t save you a lot of effort from just plugging it in,” said Benjamin Freas, principal analyst for Navigant Research said to Computerworld about Qi charging.

Cota by Ossia is an RF based charging technology that delivers long range wireless power without cables, batteries, line of sight or charging pads.


Cota is perfect for industrial uses, medical uses, automotive, wearables and several home uses. Using RF radio waves instead of cables and charging pads means that in a hospital setting, all of their portable medical equipment like IV machines and monitors, would continuously charge without the need to be plugged in. This would deliver nearly 100% mobility for patients and doctors. In industrial settings, remote controls, sensors and even CCTV equipment could continuously charge wireless so there’s no dead batteries. Both cases bring up real world safety issues that can be helped by Cota.


Cota in the home or office means no more trying to find a charging cable or being tied down to a wireless charging station. Heck why is it even called a wireless charging station?  Smartphones, tablets, remote controls, laptops and other personal electronic devices would just charge when in the home or the office. Add Cota into vehicles and there’s rarely an instance where your device would ever go dead. Cota clearly offers unparalleled convenience.

The Qi standard and other currently available wireless technologies basically provide a false positive. The wires may be gone but your still tethered to the device that’s doing the charging itself.

See the future of wireless charging at CES 2018 in Tech West at the Venetian/Sands, booth #42374 find out more at ossia.com