Best of CES 2018

A Glimpse of Brilliant, Necessary and/or Totally Crazy Technologies to Come

Originally posted by Joanna Stern, Wilson Rothman and Katherine Bindley on WSJ

Each January, tech companies and news teams from around the world fly to Las Vegas for that explosion of gadgets known as CES. With nearly 4,000 exhibiting companies, the tech trade show holds too many inventions to share in one place, but we comb through them, looking for the most remarkable examples that shine a light on the innovations that will play a role in our future. Here is that selection, along with videos and news highlights from the week of tech.

Ossia Cota Forever Battery

What it is: Wirelessly charged AA batteries

Today’s wireless charging isn’t exactly wireless: You place your phone on a mat, but that mat is very much plugged into a wall. Ossia’s Cota Forever Battery actually sends power over the air, like Wi-Fi. Install the AA batteries in any device that takes them—remote controls, flashlights, etc.—and plug the Cota base in to a wall. Whenever the device and the base are in the same room, the AA batteries should receive power—no cords, no dongles, no nothing. The bad news? The company is working with partners to license the technology so there’s no telling when or even if it will hit the market.