Wireless Power for Large Spaces or Crowded Places

Wireless power on a one-to-one basis, like at home or in a single office, is easy to imagine. But what happens when you have a large space with lots of people, like a coffee shop, airport, or hospital?

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Here’s some good news. Ossia’s Cota® Transmitters can link together to charge dozens of mobile devices within a several meter radius — without any user intervention.

From mobile phones and tablets to smoke detectors and security cameras, consistent power is crucial. When you consider hearing aids and other tiny medical devices, it can be life-saving.

Linking Cota Wireless Power Transmitters for Maximum Power or Distance

The Cota Wireless Power Transmitter can be disguised as a drop ceiling tile or any other form factor that can contain antennas. It delivers real wireless power without plugs, wires, or contact with charging pads and can power multiple devices, even while they are in motion and not in line of sight of the transmitter. Here’s more about Cota Wireless Power.


You can easily scale up by linking two or more Cota Transmitters together to continuously power many small devices — from smartphones to electronic shelf labels — in a crowded or large space, even a warehouse or grocery store. 

For example, when two Cota Transmitters are combined, they will deliver quadruple the power at the same distance when compared to a single transmitter tile.

Alternatively, two Cota Transmitters will send comparable power at twice the distance. Four linked transmitters will deliver 16x the power of a single Cota Transmitter at the same distance.

In other words, whether you need to power a lot of moving devices or send wireless power farther, linking Cota Transmitters will do the trick, all within the same system setup.

Flexible Wireless Power Transmitter Configuration

 What’s more, you can optimize the installation of your Cota Transmitters based on your space or usage needs, because Cota transmitters do not have to be placed side by side. For example, four Cota Transmitters could be separated by a few feet each to power a long corridor or hallway. Or eight transmitters could be spread throughout a large waiting room or factory floor.

 Safe and Secure Wireless Power for Our Communities

 Cota patented RF smart antenna technology is inherently safe to people, pets, and plants and does not interfere with other wireless technologies such as Wi-Fi. All Cota-enabled devices are interoperable and can be activated, managed, and monitored via the Cota Cloud platform. Cota technology is currently available for license.