Wireless Power Ecosystem Leaders Gather to Accelerate the Movement

“At the inaugural Ossia Imagine Conference last fall one of the most engaging and talked about topics was the Wireless Power Ecosystem.  In the slides below, we’ve outlined the various constituencies and how the ecosystem can work seamlessly together.”

Building the Ecosystem:

  • Manufacturers of wireless power transmitters, in its various shapes, including ceiling tiles
  • Manufacturers of mobile, industry, medical devices and IoT
  • Transportation industry, including bringing wireless power to new automobiles
  • Makers of the components, the tiny microchip-sized receiving device that goes into the devices
  • Organizations that will host and deliver wireless power, much like WiFi, at coffee shops, retail spaces, airports, offices, and other public and private locations
  • Product designers and innovators who will imagine the next currently unimaginable way to leverage wireless power to improve on and build new products

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