The Wireless Power Ecosystem Is Expanding

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To say we are excited for our collective wireless future would be an understatement. 

For our second year in a row, Ossia welcomes some of the brightest minds from some of the most innovative companies to Ossia Imagine 2018.

Ossia Imagine 2018: The Event

Ossia Imagine 2018 is an invite-only, 2-day conference held in Seattle, Washington, October 24-25. We have a robust agenda planned with industry leaders participating from around the world. There are 65 executives spanning 39 companies across 7 countries. 

What can we do with wireless power? We believe we’re only limited by our imagination.

Our Goal: Accelerate the Wireless Power Movement Globally

The goal of this event is to start important conversations and develop meaningful relationships among different organizations interested in being a part of a wirelessly powered world. To do so, we have multiple activities planned to enable Ossia partners and potential ecosystem participants to:

  • Network and get to know each other’s needs and capabilities
  • Watch in-person Cota wireless power demonstrations with the latest technology
  • Discuss the Cota Reference Design Kit and how it can help facilitate connections and implementation
  • Have an open forum to learn more about the strength and breadth of the Ossia IP portfolio and the team behind it
  • Have meaningful conversations about the future of wireless power in the mobility/transportation market, in devices and components, and for retail 

At the same time, they’ll get a great view of the Lake Washington area in the fall!

Real Wireless Power: Creating a Common Definition

The meaning of “wireless power” is rapidly evolving. Some might think of it as Qi technology, with charging pad or mat capabilities, yet that’s something different. Real wireless power is power delivered over air at a distance, without the need for line of sight or touching a surface. Applications for real wireless power in industry are endless and game-changing.

With events like Ossia Imagine 2018 that include panel discussions, interactive break-out sessions, technology roadmap discussions … this common definition of wireless power will soon be the norm.

Imagine what your organization could do with Cota Real Wireless Power. Let’s start a conversation.

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