The 5 Wireless Power Topics that Are Attracting the Most Attention

At the end of each year, we always evaluate which wireless power topics appear to be the most interesting to our readers, so we can continue to write about what interests them the most. This year, the results were very interesting, so we thought we’d share with you.

What do these five popular topics tell you about what’s coming next for wireless power in 2022?

1. What is Ossia, the creator of Cota Real Wireless Power, up to?

In 2021, our top three posts were about understanding how Ossia, the business that’s developing RF-based wireless power technology, is doing. Readers were interested in knowing about Ossia’s new leadership, financial advisor, and investor-partner and what Ossia was planning for 2021. This makes sense. If you’re going to license wireless power technology, you need to know everything you can about the company. We’ll keep you posted on business achievements and changes in 2022. 

2. Wireless power business strategy

The second most popular topic was about how wireless power might fit in with a business’s strategic planning, especially with regard to rethinking the AA battery source and wirelessly powered trailer trackers as a logistics solution for big box retailers

People also continue to refer back to a 2020 post about why they should switch to wirelessly powered electronic shelf labels. We are glad to hear it. wireless power is an excellent solution for all three use cases, and we worked hard all year to advance these initiatives, with many partners involved. 

3. Partnering with Ossia for wireless power

Speaking of partners, our readers were curious about how Ossia’s technology could change the world, and how Ossia could help accelerate their wirelessly powered products to market. We created Cota Real Wireless Power to be licensed specifically to enable companies to do their own thing. Our most successful partnerships are with companies that have big ideas on how wireless power could solve problems, for consumers, healthcare, commercial, industrial, and hospitality alike. 

4. Types of wireless power, and what will win

As you might expect, people who are considering Real Wireless Power are also interested in reading about whether induction charging (Qi) is on its way out. Readers not only were learning about the trends of Qi, but they also spent a lot of time on a post about comparing two types of wireless power: retro-directivity and beamforming

All of this wireless power comparison shows us that forward-thinking organizations are weighing their power options and learning how their small devices, workflow, and logistics fit into a future where wireless power could change everything.

5. Future planning for wireless power

The fifth trending topic centered on looking at the big picture. In terms of number of readers, the 10th most popular post published in 2021 was about contemplating exactly how far we can take wireless power technology. At Ossia, we like to say there are no limits to the possibilities. 

Speaking of future planning, the article that people spent the most time with last year was a post from 2020, about the true efficiency of wireless power, and one from 2018 about how Cota works. This tells us that more and more people are getting serious about adopting wireless power, and they want details.

What wireless power technology topics intrigue you the most? Do you have a topic request our wireless power experts should cover? Drop us a line. We’d love to hear from you.