Ossia is live and in-person at CES 2022! We are thrilled to be back!

The Ossia team has been monitoring the COVID-19 updates and watching the CDC guidelines closely. The CTA team has been working hard to put into place multiple precautions to help everyone have a safe and productive CES. 


Many companies have decided to not attend this year in-person. We understand and respect that choice. Ossia has decided to keep our live, in-person booth at CES 2022. We will have a team, in Las Vegas taking in-person and virtual meetings from the Ossia CES booth. 

Ossia will be demonstrating the CES Innovation Award winning Cota Power Table as well as showcasing the 8 other Cota-enabled products announced in the past year including:

The time for Real Wireless Power is now. The market demand continues to grow as products start coming to market. Many of the previous challenges of bringing wireless power to market have been overcome by Ossia and we are at a critical inflection point in the full, global adoption of Cota Real Wireless Power. Ossia now has critical regulatory approval in over 40 countries worldwide and more coming online soon. 

If you would like to take a meeting live at CES, or set up a virtual meeting, please email us directly and we will find a time. If you are on-site, please see the map to locate Ossia’s booth in the Venetian Expo Center, Halls A-C, Booth #53221

Join us in the excitement of CES 2022! There is much to talk about and even more to share!