Historic Wireless Power Milestone Achieved for America

Ossia’s Cota is FCC-approved to deliver power over air at any distance in the US

We have big news! The United States has just taken a giant leap forward in the advancement of wireless power over air. The FCC has issued its first approval of wireless power transfer with no distance limitations to Ossia, for our patented technology Cota Real Wireless Power

This is not only a big deal for us at Ossia, but also for every business that has been frustrated with the economic, environmental, and product innovation limitations of disposable batteries and wires. Wireless power over air, without line of sight, and now at ANY distance, opens doors to US-focused organizations that are looking to solve the problem of automatically providing power to electronic devices without the need for plugging in or managing batteries.

Ossia’s strategic partners in manufacturing, healthcare, retail, automotive, and other industries have been planning for this moment for years. We anticipate a flood of new electronic device features and innovations not only at the product level in the US, but also within the entire IoT ecosystem that will provide a level of safety, efficiency, and connectedness never seen before.

The FCC’s approval of wireless power transfer over air with no distance limitations is a historical achievement that enables wireless power to go mainstream.

Ossia is the first company to ever receive FCC approval to deliver power over an unlimited distance over air in the US, which further establishes Ossia’s technology, Cota Real Wireless Power, as the de facto global standard. 

Wireless power over air primed to go mainstream

Business strategists, product and environmental engineers, and forward-thinking businesses already have plans in place to leverage Cota in current and future product development that can be put to use in the US. Because batteries are bulky and require physical labor to manage and maintain, with wireless power electronic devices will become lighter, last longer, and be more reliable. Without the need to always (via hardwired) or regularly (via induction charging surfaces) “plug” in, Cota-enabled device users will never be tethered to wires or be stuck with an uncharged device. Cota enables engineers to create wirelessly powered devices that are “always on” or always receiving power when they need it, automatically, without user intervention. These devices can be created to send significant power, about 5W, to devices at any distance. 

A wide range of electronic devices will benefit from wireless power over air

Previously, the FCC approved Cota Real Wireless Power with a one meter distance limitation. This new FCC approval frees Ossia’s radio-frequency-based wireless power system to deliver power to a wide range of devices without any distance limitations and it can be sold throughout the United States. Wirelessly powered devices could include (but are certainly not limited to!):

More applications for wireless power are underway and yet to be imagined.

About 45 countries outside of the US also have achieved regulatory approvals for Cota Real Wireless Power over any distance.  These countries recognize the rigorous testing that has been done to ensure safety, including RF exposure safety, of Cota. The FCC has some of the most stringent testing standards for RF exposure safety in the world.

Ossia’s US partners and customers are able to build and certify their Cota-enabled products to safely deliver power at any distance, even with people in the room, and bring them to market in the US. For more detailed information on this latest Ossia achievement, view the original press release.

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