Another Step Closer to Freeing Our Global Dependency on Wires and Batteries

Cota Real Wireless Power is now available to be sold and used in 21 additional countries, bringing the total of regulatory approvals up to 60 countries worldwide.

It was just a few years ago that Ossia was first taking its wireless power technology to electronics conventions, showcasing what it could do and practically evangelizing how it would change the world. We were so excited to share this new innovation, and we were searching for like-minded organizations and individuals who would help us get there. 

We gave extensive talks, shared explainer videos, and debriefed scientists and business people alike one on one. But explaining how Cota worked was not enough. Sending wireless power over air, at a distance, and without the need for line of sight seemed impossible. Many people simply couldn’t believe it could work, even when the science clearly showed that it could.

So we built prototypes, and showed Cota® Real Wireless Power® in action, in public venues, and that definitely sparked imaginations. We gained partners and investors, and continued to refine the original technology, while also beginning the rigorous testing we knew that it would need to not only ensure public safety, but also gain FCC and other global regulatory body approvals.

Today, we’re celebrating a significant milestone of Cota Real Wireless Power successfully meeting the requirements of an additional 21 countries to deliver power over air at any distance. We couldn’t be more proud of our team, partners, investors, contributing vendors, and everyone who continues to support us and cheer us on. Thank you!

This milestone comes on the heels of the expanded FCC certification of Cota delivering power without distance limitations in the US, the very first approval of its kind.

Now, with 70 countries  accepting the safety, sale, and use of Cota their countries and more expected, along with new Cota products and applications releasing in 2022 and 2023, we will all have the opportunity to witness the beginning of a global shift in how people receive power to their commercial and consumer devices. No more continuous searching for fresh batteries or managing the recycling of old for many devices. No more extensive wiring of buildings to have enough outlets for people and their device chargers. No more labor costs of managing the power level of devices. These electronics, when Cota-enabled, will be always powered up and ready to use, without any user intervention.

Cota Real Wireless Power is the only technology available for real-world use that is safe for operation around people. And it’s available for license today.

The additional countries that can leverage Cota are: Jordan, United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Qatar, Panama, Nicaragua, Paraguay, Greenland, India, Thailand, Montenegro, Albania, Macedonia, San Marino, Georgia, Gibraltar, Isle of Man, Kosovo, Bosnia and Herzegovina. 

For a full list of countries, visit Ossia’s Regulatory Approvals list. For more information about this achievement and statements from Ossia’s CEO, Doug Stovall, view the press release: Ossia Reaches Significant Milestone Adding 21 New Countries with Regulatory Approval for Cota® Real Wireless Power® Technology at Unlimited Distance.