Always-On Tracking Solutions Made Possible with Wireless Power

Thank goodness for tracking sensors: your keys, your phone, or your wallet goes missing somewhere in the building and voila, found again in a heartbeat. That is, unless they’ve run out of juice.

In order for tracking devices to find your valuables, they need to be dependably always on. And manually keeping them charged or supplied with fresh batteries is not practical -- or 100% dependable. They only way to be sure they’re charged up? Wireless power.

Wireless Power for the Real World

The very real problem of devices dying right when you need them most? That’s one reason Ossia has partnered with Xirgo Technologies, LLC (Xirgo): to build wireless power into Xirgo’s IoT asset tracking devices using Cota® Real Wireless PowerTM.

 Xirgo is a leading provider of innovative wireless IoT solutions, including world-class IoT products for use in not only asset tracking and other IoT applications, but also telematics, fleet management, heavy equipment, and yard management. Cota is ideally suited to provide wireless power to these solutions.

It’s important to note that when we say “wireless,” we truly mean delivering power over air to the tracking device without wires or charging pads … and without the need for replacing batteries. The Cota receiver chip is small and can easily integrate into many different types of connected devices, while the Cota transmitter can be installed in buildings, homes, or vehicles. In fact, Cota technology can power thousands of IoT devices whether traveling by train, shopping a busy retail store, or working at a major distribution center.

Anticipated Launch: 2019

The most exciting part? We anticipate launching a wireless power tracking solution pilot with Xirgo in early 2019 in the distribution centers of a leading global retailer, in coordination with a Tier 1 wireless carrier. We also plan to commercialize the wireless tracking solution to the mass market later this year. This means more consumers will likely get to experience the freedom and convenience of wireless power first hand in the next 12 months.

By integrating Cota wireless power in Xirgo IoT tracking devices, we’re offering the world an innovative solution to the very practical problem of keeping these devices charged and ready.

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