Wireless Charging Battery Boost for IoT Designs

Originally posted by Rich Pell in eeNews

Wireless charging Li-ion batteries target IoT applications
Ossia in the US has teamed up with Japanese ceramics company NGK Insulators on a wireless charging battery for Internet of Things (IoT) applications.

The wireless charging design pairs NGK's EnerCera series ultra-small, ultra-thin, and ultra-high-performance Li-ion secondary batteries with Ossia's FCC-certified Cota Real Wireless Power technology, which efficiently delivers remote, targeted energy to devices at a distance. Wireless charging the EnerCera series batteries while they are in-device and in-use removes one of the key barriers to broader IoT adoption, say the companies, providing meaningful power to IoT devices without the need to remove batteries to recharge or replace them.

"When deployed, IoT devices and sensors augment productivity and enhance the customer experience," said Preston Woo, Ossia's Chief Strategy Officer. "But providing meaningful, consistent power to them has been limiting broader IoT proliferation."

"NGK has now commercialized the world's smallest high-performance Li-ion secondary batteries," says Woo. "These EnerCera Coin and Pouch batteries provide sufficient power for feature-rich IoT devices in very convenient form factors. By integrating Cota Real Wireless Power into IoT devices, combined with NGK's EnerCera batteries, IoT devices will have high functionality while staying constantly charged. This is a fundamental game-changer in the real world."

Iwao Ohwada, General Manager of NGK's ADC division says, "Delivering secondary batteries into devices with wireless recharging capabilities not only opens up incredible new possibilities for companies looking to drive greater efficiency and better serve the customer with IoT devices and sensors, it also addresses urgent environmental concerns that will inspire even more innovation. We extensively evaluated the wireless power space and chose Ossia as one of our partners with their best-in-class technology."

The companies plan to provide the Cota wireless charging technology for devices looking to install NGK's EnerCera series batteries. In addition to its tolerance for high-temperature mounting techniques, says NGK, the EnerCera Coin Li-ion battery features energy density that is double that of commercial secondary batteries of the same size, with much lower internal resistance. NGK also makes the ultra-thin and bendable EnerCera Pouch cell.

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