Walmart (WMT) Will Adopt Wireless Charging for IoT after FCC Greenlight

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Walmart (WMT) Will Adopt Wireless Charging for IoT after FCC GreenlightThe Federal Communications Commission (FCC) recently approved wireless charging systems for IoT devices that could revolutionize the way we interact with technology. Walmart (WMT), taking advantage of the situation, will now be free to adopt the tech.

Ossia’s wireless charging tech

The Forever Tracker Technology by Ossia has received its second certification from the FCC this year. The company claims that its technology could be used to charge multiple Internet of Things (IoT) devices located at distances of over 15 feet. The related sensors could be used on shipping packages.

Walmart (WMT) Will Adopt Wireless Charging for IoT after FCC Greenlight

With this new certification, the Cota wireless charging tech can be marketed in the country. According to the commission, the technology meets the international regulatory benchmarks needed to sell this technology in the US. Ossia is already working with a multitude of companies to manufacture devices as well as batteries.

A company spokesperson recently commented that the IoT sector is growing exponentially and wireless charging for such devices will be imperative for its growth. Its new charging system will be sold in collaboration with Xirgo Technologies, a tracking and trucking fleet management service provider and T-Mobile.

Walmart will be the first to adopt

The first iterations of this system will be deployed at some distribution centers of Walmart this year, but the commercialization of the technology will only happen in 2020. Walmart Supply Chain Services’ senior VP Cameron Geiger said,

“Walmart and its supply chain are always looking to utilize cutting-edge technology to deliver the best experience to both our associates and our customers.”

He said that the company is working with new technologies and ideas on a consistent basis and looks for the most innovative partners in the market. He also praised the “unique potential” of the Forever Tracker Technology and said that it could improve the logistics as well as supply chain processes and make them more efficient.

Ossia’s technology is revolutionary because it can charge devices wirelessly at distances of over 15 feet. It used radio frequency to send data and power to devices. Not only this, its Cota transmitters are designed to charge several devices at once. The market is saturated with wireless chargers, but most of them need to be close to devices. Ossia is looking to bring the benefits of trickle charging to larger distances. Companies are also working at uncoupled wireless tech which could help in charging devices across walls.