Spigen’s new case brings dream of REAL cross-room wireless charging one step closer

Originally post by Anmol  on MSPowerUser

Pic Credit: Gizmodo

We have all dreamed of charging our electronics without worrying about the tangled cables and charging bricks. Well, it looks like our dream might come true. At the CES 2019, Spigen unveiled a case that can wirelessly charge iPhones from across the room.

Apple has been promising us over-the-air wireless charging since 2017 but it never became a reality. Fortunately though, we won’t have to wait as Spigen’s latest tech can finally deliver what Apple promised two years back. Spigen’s case works on Cota wireless power technology. It uses a transmitter to send electricity to the device. In layman’s terms, it’s like Wireless network but it sends electricity.


Spigen hasn’t revealed a price but has shown a prototype which is a lot more than what Apple gave us. As for Cota, they are confident that the technology should hit the market next year. It should be noted that this might turn out to be a costly affair since the user will need to buy both the case and the transmitter to transfer electricity. That said, it will, of course, save you from tangled cables so I guess it’s a fair trade.

Via: BGR