Spigen’s Forever Sleeve iPhone Case Demos Real Wireless Charging as You Walk the Room

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Spigen forever sleeve ossia

Image via CNET

The concept Forever Sleeve case, which is compatible with an iPhone with a Lightning port, will charge your device in the case no matter where it is in the room. You could be out of sight or metres away from the Cota transmitter and your iPhone will still be charging, as the case does not require line-of-sight.

According to Cota, their technology “delivers power similarly to how WiFi transmits data.”

“Real wireless power is a game-changer that has the potential to be as transformative as wireless data delivery,” said Doug Stovall, Chief Revenue Officer, Ossia, in a statement. “Spigen is recognized by consumers for its innovative, quality mobile phone accessories. We are thrilled to team with Spigen to push more mass-market adoption of the Cota technology in the mobile phone space. Our aim is to work with Spigen to deliver Cota-enabled phone cases for 5.8GHz by or before 2020.”

According to Ossia, their wireless charging technology is “safe for people, pets and plants,” while they ultimately want to retrofit millions of smartphones through licensing with their technology. Other applications for their wireless charging tech could be for supermarkets, to wireless charge and power electronic price tags, making for easier and faster price adjustments.

Do you have the need for ‘real’ wireless charging tech like what we’re seeing here from Spigen and Ossia?

[via CNET]