Ossia Unveils Cota HOME Wireless Power Solution at CES 2020

Originally posted in everythingRF

Wireless power expert and creator of Cota Real Wireless Power, Ossia, showcased its new Cota HOME solution at the CES 2020 event in Las Vegas. The Cota HOME solution is a 30-by-30 centimeter transmitter that can power multiple devices automatically and simultaneously.

While 5G, promises faster and more immediate transmissions, it also will be a huge power drain on today's smart device and Internet of Things (IoT) battery technology. The wired power infrastructure isn't able to support the potential of IoT and emerging 5G technologies. Cota HOME, operating at 5.8 GHz, was created to solve this problem by continuously delivering power wirelessly over the air to Cota-enabled devices. This makes having a continuously charged device possible.

What's more, Cota HOME was designed to easily fit within a home, home office, or small business environment. Available soon for licensing to manufacturing partners, it is compact and sets up similarly to other smart home systems, such as speakers, thermostats, and cameras. The solution will be a part of Ossia's 5.8 GHz reference design kit.

Once Cota HOME is connected to a power source, the homeowner can turn the device on to connect and manage Cota HOME service via the Cota Cloud or the Cota mobile app. The owner doesn't need to interact with the transmitter manually after it's powered up — it charges all smart devices that are in range and equipped with receivers. Cota HOME is environmentally friendly and doesn't interfere with Wi-Fi or other wireless technologies. It can also be integrated with existing smart home technologies, such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home.

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