Ossia Joins The Plug and Play Northwest Arkansas Supply Chain Program

  • Ossia, the company known for creating Cota Real Wireless Power, announced it joined the Plug and Play Northwest Arkansas Supply Chain Program

Originally posted by Annie Baker in Pulse 2.0

Ossia — the company that is known for creating Cota Real Wireless Power — announced its participation in the Plug and Play Northwest Arkansas Supply Chain Program. And as part of being selected into the program, Ossia has been selected for supply chain pilots with both Walmart and Georgia-Pacific.

“We are extremely pleased with our selection of the twelve best and brightest startups into the Plug and Play Northwest Arkansas Supply Chain Program,” said Harvey Williams, Senior Associate of Plug and Play Tech Center. “Since being admitted into the program, these startups have already accomplished great things with our corporate sponsors, Venture Capital partners, and industry experts. Ossia has been an ideal participant in the program.”

To gain entry into Plug and Play Northwest Arkansas Supply Chain Program, Ossia first joined an invite-only Northwest Arkansas Selection Day Event. Originally, 75 startups were evaluated for participation and only 25 startups were invited to Selection Day. And at the end of Selection Day, only 12 startups were ultimately selected into Plug and Play Northwest Arkansas Supply Chain Program.

“We are thrilled to welcome Ossia into Northwest Arkansas’ inaugural Plug and Play Supply Chain and Logistics accelerator program,” added Nelson Peacock, President and CEO of Northwest Arkansas Council. “With the presence of world-class global companies combined with leading educational institutions, this region has long been a leader in supply chain management and innovation. Ossia’s game-changing technology has the potential to disrupt the entire landscape of logistics and supply chain management.”

Ossia’s flagship Cota technology is known for redefining wireless power by safely delivering remote and targeted energy to devices at a distance. And Ossia’s Cota technology is based on a patented smart antenna technology that automatically keeps multiple devices charged without any user intervention. Currently, Ossia is headquartered in Bellevue, Washington.

“Walmart and its supply chain are always looking to utilize cutting-edge technology to deliver the best experience to both our associates and our customers,” explained Cameron Geiger, Senior Vice President of Walmart. “We have been very excited to pilot Ossia’s asset tracking solution in our large ambient distribution centers. It’s going great so far, and we are optimistic it will bring tremendous efficiencies to the logistics and supply chain process once commercialized at scale.”

There is going to be a Plug and Play Northwest Arkansas Supply Chain & Logistics Summit between January 30 and January 31, 2020 to showcase progress with corporate pilot programs and to confirm additional commercialization opportunities that have evolved out of these partnerships.

“There is a tremendous opportunity for Cota wireless power to meaningfully enhance or improve supply chain and logistics management. Not only will it have an impact on the cost and performance efficiencies for the entire value chain, but it will also allow for technology innovation through new products and services enabled by Real Wireless Power being established in the environment,” stated Preston Woo, Chief Strategy Officer at Ossia. “We are honored to be selected into the Plug and Play Supply Chain program, the world’s largest end-to-end supply chain innovation platform, and thrilled at being chosen for pilots with two of the most iconic and advanced companies, Walmart and GP, to innovate directly in their supply chain.”